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Does Sprint offer phone monitoring?

Does Sprint offer phone monitoring?

Sprint postpaid customers on Android, iOS, and even Wi-Fi only phones or tablets. The Tracker works in the United States with coverage only on the Sprint LTE Network. However, you can track the location of the Tracker device from nearly anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

What Parental Controls does Sprint offer?

Block Apps, Digital Media, and Third Party Charges You can block your child from purchasing apps and digital media through this parental control. While this is an effective parental control, it is important to note that setting this permission only blocks your child from billing these purchases to your Sprint bill.

How do I set parental controls on Sprint?

From your computer, phone or tablet:

  1. Visit Click Sign in.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click My Account.
  4. Click Profile & Settings.
  5. Click Limits & Permissions.
  6. Select Permissions.
  7. Scroll and click on Block adult content and malware.
  8. Follow the instructions on screen.

Can sprint forward text messages?

Call Forwarding doesn’t forward text messages. Forwarded calls do not display in the call log on your phone. Call Forwarding restrictions: You can’t forward calls to international phone numbers, chat lines, and select area codes.

How do I set time restrictions on Sprint?

You will have to log-in to the My Sprint Account and select the device you wish to apply restrictions. You will have to click on setting options. One can easily alter the network settings from here and change their preferences and make them more age-specific.

How do I restrict a Sprint phone?

Block services using One Touch settings:

  1. Sign in to My Sprint.
  2. Select My Account menu.
  3. Select Profile & Settings.
  4. Select Limits & Permissions.
  5. You may go through an access authentication process.
  6. Select One Touch settings.
  7. Click to select the phone you wish to block – a button displays One Touch ON.

How do I turn off Sprint restrictions?

Block device user permissions:

  1. Sign in to
  2. From the menu click the My Account.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Under Limits and Permissions, click Permissions.
  5. Select the phone you wish to block settings for – a green checkmark will appear indicating that phone is selected.
  6. Click Save.

Can you suspend service on a Sprint phone?

Sprint doesn’t have a lot of information on its website about suspending service. The carrier had a service called Seasonal Standby that let you pay a lesser rate to maintain your account, but it’s no longer available.

Are there parental controls on the Sprint phone?

As you are aware, Sprint is one of the leading network carrier services in the modern-day world. This network is serving millions of users. Well, just like the other competitors, this carrier service offers parents a method to monitor the kids.

How can I monitor my text messages on my Sprint phone?

From your online account, you’ll be able to see every message sent from and to the iPhone. Monitoring the texts sent from an iPhone on the Sprint network can help you keep track of how many messages you’re using.

Is there an app for Kids on sprint?

In addition to the web interface, Sprint offers a mobile app as well. This mobile app ensures that you access the device usage of the kids even if you are away. To gain remote access to your kid’s mobile device, you should sign up for a My Sprint account.

Do you have to pay for Sprint Family Locator?

Sprint offers the Sprint Family Locator service. With this service, you can enroll phones that are on your account into a monitoring service that will update the location of the phone in real-time. You must opt in for this service, and it is a paid add-on. Click on the My Sprint tab and enter the Permissions tab.