Does BRIO still make trains?

Does BRIO still make trains?

Railway. The fun is never-ending with a BRIO railway. Play with the toy trains and wooden railways, all while exploring the different track layouts you can build. Here you’ll find all BRIO’s railway tracks and train sets.

Are Thomas train tracks compatible with BRIO?

Wooden track and accessories are compatible with Thomas the Tank Engine and BRIO wooden track systems.

Are Melissa and Doug train tracks compatible with BRIO?

Answer: The Melissa and Doug tracks, trains and equipment integrate well with our brio and our other non brand name wood train sets.

Are all BRIO tracks compatible?

Brio, from Sweden, is generally used as the yardstick for compatibility as the company was the first manufacturer of the wooden railway in Europe, introducing their first sets in 1957. Bigjigs Rail and Brio track pieces fit perfectly, and one brand is virtually indistinguishable…

Do Brio trains fit IKEA track?

Ikea advertises its wooden track as being compatible with most brand name train sets, like Thomas or Brio. This is not entirely true. The tracks are the same width (or to use the railway terminology, gauge) as the Thomas train sets, so you can run Thomas trains on them pretty easily.

Is Thomas wooden Railway being discontinued?

This product has been discontinued by the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway by Learning Curve and is no longer available. For long or short distances, get to Thomas and his friends quickly with our 8″ Straight Track pieces.

Are Melissa and Doug trains compatible with IKEA?

Answer: IKEA tracks are a weird duck, because they use longer pegs than most wooden track pieces from other companies (Thomas, Chuggington, Melissa & Doug), but they’re still perfectly compatible.

How wide are BRIO train tracks?

A typical piece of BRIO track is 40mm wide and 12mm high, with two 6mm wide grooves that are 3mm deep, spaced 20mm apart, measuring 26mm from center to center. The male connector is an 11.5mm peg on a 7mm long neck, and the female connector ranges from 15 to 17mm in diameter with a 5mm long throat.