Do you have to pay to get into Craigtoun Park?

Do you have to pay to get into Craigtoun Park?

Entrance is free and there are many free facilities to enjoy. You only pay if you want to use our seasonal attractions which run from Easter to October.

What is the name of the park in St Andrews?

Craigtoun Country Park
Craigtoun Country Park – Craigtoun Country Park, St Andrews.

When did Craigtoun hospital close?

Its name was changed back to Craigtoun and the grounds established as Craigtoun Country Park. The Mansion became a maternity hospital, until 1992 when it was closed.

Are there toilets at Tentsmuir Beach?

There are public toilets in Tayport.

Who owns Craigtoun?

Fife Council
Craigtoun Country Park is a country park located approximately 4 miles to the south-west of St Andrews in the county of Fife, Scotland. The site is currently owned by Fife Council, with park amenities being operated as of 2012 by the charitable organisation Friends of Craigtoun Park.

Do you have to pay to get into Tentsmuir?

The charge to park at Tentsmuir is £2 for the day. Tentsmuir operates a pay barrier system that is coin-operated only. Please come prepared with cash as there are no local facilties for paying by card.

Can you swim Tentsmuir Beach?

Dangerous currents and quicksands make it unsuitable for bathing though. There are plenty of trails and cycle tracks in the forest. To access the beach, take the A92 and follow the brown signs to Tentsmuir Forest and Beach.

Can you park overnight at Tentsmuir?

I’m afraid no overnight stays are allowed at Tentsmuir. Only a small number of our forests allow overnight stays and, unfortunately, the closest to Tenstmuir is quite some distance away near Stirling.

How much is parking at Tentsmuir?

For the Kinshaldy car park there is a fee of £2 per vehicle. You need correct change for the barrier. You can buy a seasonal parking pass for £50.

Who owns Tentsmuir Beach?

The land was acquired by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s and planted predominantly with Scots pine and Corsican pine. The forest extends to 1,573 hectares with the northern block of Tentsmuir Forest (including Morton Lochs) and Reres Wood in the south. The coastal landscape is also constantly changing.

Can you stay on the Isle of May?

The observatory can accommodate up to 6 visitors usually staying for a week, arriving and departing on a Saturday, though individual arrangements can be made where bookings and boat arrangements allow. The observatory is open from mid-late March through to early November.

Does Tentsmuir Beach have toilets?