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Do they still make d-CON pellets?

Do they still make d-CON pellets?

This d-CON product is one of 12 that Reckitt Benckiser has agreed to stop manufacturing. After a long battle with federal officials, Reckitt Benckiser, maker of d-CON rat and mouse poisons, has voluntarily agreed to stop manufacturing 12 of its products by the end of this year.

What is the best rat poison pellets?

Top Rated Rat Poison Pellets

  • Motomco 008-32345 Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait Pellet, 10 lb. $38.49.
  • EcoClear Products 620102, RatX All-Natural Non-Toxic Humane Rat and Mouse Rodenticide Pellets, 3 lb…. $39.60.
  • Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Weather Resistant Rodenticide Nuggets, 4 lb bag. $19.93.

Is d-CON good rat poison?

The D-Con Poison Bait Station works great for quick, easy removal of mice and rats around your property. Compared to other types of rodent poison, it’s mostly safe for people and pets.

Can you still buy d-CON?

Can consumers continue to use the product after March 2015? It will continue to be legal for consumers to use the 12 d-CON mouse and rat poison products, provided they follow all label directions and precautions.

Is d-CON rat poison poisonous to dogs?

Dogs especially seem to like the taste of the grain-chemical combination and tend to ingest large amounts. Symptoms of d-Con poisoning include bleeding gums, bloody nose, blood in the urine, weakness, and labored breathing (from bleeding into the chest).

Is D-Con rat poison poisonous to dogs?

Is d-Con rat poison poisonous to dogs?

How much do d-Con rat poison cost?

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What is in Decon rat poison?

Dcon rat poisons are usually made of an active ingredient known as brodifacoum, which is very lethal in suffocating them to death. The rat poison causes the rodents to die from internal hemorrhages. Currently, Dcon has introduced a less lethal rat poison made of an active ingredient ‘vitamin D3’.

Does d-CON poison attract mice and rats?

D-Con Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station . D-Con’s tamper-proof bait stations have a compact design that allows them to be placed in places frequented by rats and mice. It is made of durable materials and is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. It is designed to attract mice into the station, eat the

What is the best bait for rat trap that actually works?

Honey is the most perfect bait to catch rats and mice. Its sticky texture and sweet taste are the best mixes for rat bait. To make honey a bait, just use one tablespoon of honey and place it near the trap.