Do I need a planning permit Bendigo?

Do I need a planning permit Bendigo?

You may need a planning permit for: Changing the use of the land (such as setting up a new business) Removal or lopping of native vegetation. Demolishing, constructing or changing a building. Construction of outbuildings (sheds)

How long does it take to get a building permit in Bendigo?

A building permit has commencement (six to twelve months) and completion (six to thirty-six months) time limits that will apply depending on the nature of the building works. An application for a building permit may be made to a municipal or private building surveyor.

Do I need a permit for a garden shed Bendigo?

If you are planning to build a shed, garage, carport or outbuilding, you will require a building permit.

How close can you build to an easement Bendigo?

You need permission to build over or within 1 metre of a Coliban Water asset such as pipes, property connections, man holes and channels. Our assets (sometimes known as easements) need to be accessible for us to maintain, repair or replace.

What council is Bendigo?

City of Greater Bendigo Victoria
City of Greater Bendigo

City of Greater Bendigo Victoria
Area 3,000 km2 (1,158.3 sq mi)
Mayor Jennifer Alden
Council seat Bendigo
Region Northern Victoria

What is the post code for Bendigo?

Bendigo/Postal codes

What can you build over an easement?

Generally not, as you can build under or over it if the work will not have a material interference with the easement. The owner of the land benefited by the easement is unable to bring an action against you unless your proposed work causes “substantial” or “material” interference.

What is meant by an easement?

An easement is simply a legal right to use a portion of another property. This means that your property comes with the legal right to use a portion of another property for a specific reason. Examples of this include being able to use a portion of your neighbour’s driveway to access your garage in the back yard.

Is Bendigo Safe?

Crime rates in Bendigo, Australia

Level of crime 47.22 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 72.22 High
Worries home broken and things stolen 41.67 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed 38.89 Low
Worries car stolen 42.65 Moderate

What does Bendigo mean?

Despite its somewhat unusual origins, the name is perhaps suitable for a city built on gold – in Spanish, ‘bendigo’ means ‘bless’.

When do you need a planning permit in Bendigo?

A planning permit may be required to use land, develop land, or both The need for a planning permit is determined by the City of Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme and the zoning and overlays which apply to your property If a planning permit is required, it must be approved before a building permit can be issued

How is the Greater Bendigo City Council funded?

Greater Bendigo received a total of $230,000 through the Regional Victoria stream of funding in November 2016, comprising $150,000 grant funding and $80,000 Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) resources. Council contributed $150,000 in staff time and $50,000 funding.

What can I do with connect Greater Bendigo?

CONNECT Greater Bendigo is a community website where you can find, join and connect with a range of local community clubs, groups, organisations and events. It’s easy and it’s free to use!

What can community compass do for Greater Bendigo?

Community Compass can help! As well as bin nights, Community Compass includes planning zones and overlays, Maternal and Child Health Centre locations, nearby playgrounds, pre-schools, primary and tertiary schools. Find out what is happening in Greater Bendigo by subscribing to our weekly e-newsletter.