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Do agent provocateur sizes run small?

Do agent provocateur sizes run small?

Sizing: I find Agent Provocateur’s bra bands can often run small, but this style runs true to size. Due to the shape of the cup, I find it is forgiving (I snuck my at-the-time DD’s in the D cup and the gore still laid flush against my sternum).

Is Agent Provocateur high quality?

Agent Provocateur A British brand known for its high-quality and playful takes on classic lingerie basics. A French-lace bra that will last you a lifetime.

What does AP mean in size?

The initials ‘AP’ instead of a number at the bottom of an image means ‘artists’ proof’. With artists’ prints these are a necessary part of the production process, where proofs are taken until the artist is happy with the print.

What does AP mean after a number?

AP means Artist Proof. The edition of the prints are numbered. 15/75 means that this is print number 15 and that the edition exists of 75 prints.

What does AP mean on a photo?

Photography, Artist Proof
Artsy Collecting. Apr 2, 2013 2:38pm. An A.P. is a copy of the photograph outside of the edition size, often made as a test and reserved for the artist’s own collection or to be shown in gallery and museum shows.

What do you think of Agent Provocateur customer service?

Agent Provocateur has shown time and again that their customers come first. Top notch! Thank you for taking the time to leave us your kind review. We are delighted to hear that you are happy with the resolution provided and we hope you continue to enjoy our products and services in the near future.

What kind of lingerie does agent provocateur wear?

Taisia – Dark romance in leavers lace and sparkly lurex . . . Dakotta – Hand slashed side-straps in irresistible leopard . . . Take a closer look . . .

What happens when you get a refund from Agent Provocateur?

After I got in touch, they refunded the swimwear item, stating it’s out of stock. The refunded amount is clearly lower than that on the refund receipt; the client services representative argues it’s not true. A few days later, the same refunded sale item magically reappears in stock.