Did they ever make a 4 door Thunderbird?

Did they ever make a 4 door Thunderbird?

Ford dropped the Thunderbird convertible, added a four-door version with suicide rear doors, moved from unibody to body-on-frame construction, and radically changed the styling to include a wide-mouthed grille with hidden headlights and a slimmer overall appearance.

What is a 67 Thunderbird worth?

Data based on 25 auction sales. note: The images shown are representations of the 1967 Ford Thunderbird and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction….Ford Models.

Bodystyles Median Sale
Hardtop $3,400
Landau $4,800

How much does a 1969 Ford Thunderbird weigh?

4348 lbs.
1969 ford thunderbird Info Curb Weight: 4348 lbs. Length: 206.9 in.

Is there a 1969 Ford Thunderbird for sale?

1969 Ford Thunderbird for sale! This is a very original T-bird that is 1 of 1900 with suicide doors and white vinyl roof! It still has it… 1969 Ford Thunderbird four Door Landau – Only 23,960 mis on this very exceptional T Bird! Lime Green Metallic in color with the … more

What kind of door does a Ford Thunderbird have?

Barnfinds recently features a 1968 Ford Thunderbird 2 door Landau. According to comments, some of you liked it but said you preferred the 4 door model with suicide doors. Well, here it is.

How to sell a 1968 Ford Thunderbird suicide door?

Suicide doors shut tight. Hood needs to be aligned when body work is done. Solid car. Any questions call Philip at 540-761-0684. Price lowered for quick sale; $2,000.00 cash, clear title in hand. Tim 360-936-9257 1968 Thunderbird 4-door “Suicide Door” Landau hardtop. Doesn’t get much cooler.

What kind of car was the 1967 Ford Thunderbird?

By replacing most of 1967 FORD THUNDERBIRD LANDAU LIKE NEW INSIDE AND OUT RARE Z CODE 390 4 BARREL 1969 Ford Thunderbird 4dr sedan, rear suicide doors, nice clean machine, good body and paint, nice