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Did Spencer hit Bethany with the shovel?

Did Spencer hit Bethany with the shovel?

Alison and Spencer made up and Spencer went back to the barn whilst dragging the shovel behind her, which Melissa saw. She pushed Bethany into the grave and covered her up, unaware that she was not Alison nor was she dead, unknowingly killing her by burying her alive with the shovel.

Why did Mona hit Bethany Young?

In perhaps the show’s most complex murder, Mona hit Bethany — who snuck out of Radley Sanitarium to seek revenge on Jessica because of her affair with her father — in the head with a shovel, believing she was actually Alison. (In other words, Mona wanted to kill Alison.)

Who was actually buried in PLL?

Bethany Young is a major posthumous antagonist in the television series “Pretty Little Liars”. Bethany was a patient at Radley Sanitarium and is revealed as both the girl buried in Alison’s grave and the murderer of Marion Cavanaugh.

How did they find Alison’s body if she was alive?

Unbeknownst to Melissa, Bethany was still alive. Bethany’s body was found a year later when builders knocked down a gazebo and discovered a female body. The autopsy report falsely identified her as Alison DiLaurentis after unknown person switched Alison and Bethany’s dental records.

How did Bethany Young die in Pretty Little Liars?

Bethany had been hit from behind or was running away when she had been hit on the head. The wound had come from a curved, blunt object (which Spencer believes to be her old field hockey stick). However, the impact had not killed her immediately.

Where was Bethany’s body found in Pretty Little Liars?

In a televised press conference, it was announced to the public by the Rosewood chief of police that the body had been identified as Bethany Young. At the end of the episode, Bethany’s body is found when workers are tearing down the gazebo which was built over the spot she was buried.

How did Melissa Hastings find Bethany Young’s body?

Bethany’s unconscious body was found by Melissa Hastings, who also believed Bethany was Alison. Melissa had seen her sister, Spencer Hastings, fighting with Alison earlier that night, and though Spencer had hit Alison. Melissa pushed Bethany’s body into a shallow grave, unaware that she was not Alison.

How did Charles and Bethany run away from Radley?

One night, Charles and Bethany snuck onto the roof of Radley Sanitarium. They discussed running away from the Sanitarium, to which Bethany explained that running away was easy – it was staying gone that was the hard part. Charles imitated a girl and spun in a yellow dress, which Bethany complimented him on.