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Did Mark Buehrle win a World Series?

Did Mark Buehrle win a World Series?

Mark Alan Buehrle (/ˈbɜːrli/; born March 23, 1979) is an American former professional baseball pitcher. He played the majority of his Major League Baseball (MLB) career with the Chicago White Sox, playing twelve seasons for the team and winning the World Series with them in 2005.

Did Mark Buehrle throw a perfect game?

“Never say never in this game because crazy stuff can happen.” Buehrle, 30, a four-time All-Star, became just the sixth pitcher in big-league history to throw a perfect game and another no-hitter. He pitched a no-hitter against Texas in 2007, and he hit a home run in Milwaukee last month.

How many no hitters did Mark Buehrle have?

Two pitchers have thrown more than one no-hitter in a White Sox uniform, including a hall of famer Ed Walsh and Buehrle. Twelve no-hitters were thrown at home and eight on the road.

How many games did Mark Buehrle win?

Mark Buehrle had 214 wins during his career.

Who saved Buehrle perfect game?

Trailing 5-0 in the top of the ninth inning, Rays leadoff hitter, Gabe Kapler hit a deep fly ball to left-center field, where Wise, who had just entered the game as a defensive replacement, made a spectacular catch, robbing Kapler of a home run and preserving the perfect game for Buehrle.

Who is the best umpire in MLB?

The last of three qualifying umpires to have an accuracy of 95 percent or higher, James Hoye is the most senior of the five umpires in the top five, with 18 years of MLB umpiring experience. At 50-years-old, Hoye has a high average accuracy of 95.0 percent this season.

What kind of stats does Mark Buehrle have?

His biographical data, year-by-year hitting stats, fielding stats, pitching stats (where applicable), career totals, uniform numbers, salary data and miscellaneous items-of-interest are presented by Baseball Almanac on this comprehensive Mark Buehrle baseball stats page. “You don’t want to make that one mistake and give up a hit.

How old was Mark Buehrle when he joined the White Sox?

Mark Buehrle was born on Friday, March 23, 1979, in St. Charles, Missouri. Buehrle was 21 years old when he broke into the big leagues on July 16, 2000, with the Chicago White Sox.

Where was Mark Buehrle born and raised in Missouri?

Mark Buehrle was born on Friday, March 23, 1979, in St. Charles, Missouri.

How old is Mark Buehrle from the Blue Jays?

Mark Buehrle Mark Buehrle Pitching Stats Year Age Team G GS 2014 35 Blue Jays 32 32 2015 36 Blue Jays 32 32 Career Career Career G GS 16 Years 16 Years 16 Years 518 493