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Can you wire SVC and DVC subs together?

Can you wire SVC and DVC subs together?

if one is DVC 4 ohm and one is SVC 4 ohm, then wire the DVC one in series, then wire both subs together for a 4 ohm final load on the amp. other two options are 6 ohms or 1.33 ohms. most all 2 channel amps, when bridged, will only be stable at a 4 ohm load or higher.

What is dual 4ohm?

Parallel: A dual 4-ohm voice coil subwoofer with its coils wired in parallel presents a 2-ohm load to your amplifier. In the same fashion, if you have a stereo amplifier and two DVC subs, wire both subs for 2-ohm impedance (one per channel) for maximum output.

Is SVC better than DVC?

Car subwoofers are manufactured with either a single voice coil (SVC) or dual voice coil (DVC). The difference is the DVC sub offers more wiring options to better match and take advantage of the amplifier. A dual voice coil sub does not directly perform better than the same sub with a single voice coil.

Can you wire one voice coil on a DVC sub?

The coils can be wired in series, in parallel or individually to power the subwoofer. The short answer about using one coil is no. Using one coil not only affects the thermal power handling capabilities of a subwoofer, but it also changes the strength of the magnetic field and alters the Thiele/Small specifications.

What kind of wiring is needed for a SVC subwoofer?

This subwoofer wiring application includes diagrams for Single Voice Coil (SVC) and Dual Voice Coil (DVC) speakers. A SVC speaker has one voice coil and one set of terminals, one positive (+) and one negative (-). A DVC speaker has two voice coils, each with its own set of terminals.

How are the terminals on a DVC subwoofer wired?

A Dual Voice Coil subwoofer (or dvc sub) has four wiring terminal posts, two positve terminals and two negative terminals. The extra terminals give you more options for wiring the speaker. Ohms. The impedance of a subwoofer coil is expressed in ohms.

What’s the difference between DVC and SVC subwoofers?

Single voice coil subwoofers will generally specific one Ohm rating that they can support, which is what makes them less versatile than DVC. A subwoofer with dual voice coils has two of these tightly-wound wires instead of just one. As such, it has two sets of terminals, with two positives and two negatives in total.

How do you wire a dual voice subwoofer?

Connect the positive voice coil leads together and wire them to the positive output terminal of your amplifier. Next, connect the negative voice coil leads together and wire them to the negative output terminal of the amplifier. Need to wire more than 2 dual voice coil subwoofers in parallel?