Can you smoke on a yacht?

Can you smoke on a yacht?

According to the Convention of the High Seas, if your boat or vessel is “home ported” anywhere in the United States, possessing and smoking cannabis on said vessel would still technically be a federal crime. This is true even within international waters.

What kind of shoes do you wear on a yacht?

Sandals and thongs (flip-flops, not the men’s bathing suit, eeewww) are great for boat wear, because they’re comfy and due to their open design, water drains immediately from around your feet.

How much do you tip a private yacht charter?

In general, brokers advise tipping between 5 to 20 per cent of the base charter fee, depending on the yacht and the location. It is usually towards the lower end of that scale in the Med and higher in the US and Caribbean. Tipping your crew is a customary practice at the end of a superyacht charter.

Can you smoke on a fishing charter?

Smoking is not allowed in the boat however some boats allow smoking on the rear swim platform when the boat is at anchor. Always ask the crew on the day.

Do fishing charters make money?

Your average professional fishing guide makes around $55,000 per year. It’s estimated that well-run charter businesses should earn a 25% profit. Keep in mind that guides who work for companies make less than those who own their own boat—the most lucrative way to make money off casting a line is to own your own charter.

Do fishing charters go out in the rain?

Rain: If there’s passing showers the charter will still operate, however if there’s continual rain – the choice will be totally up to you whether you’d like to go out or reschedule.

Can you drink while deep sea fishing?

A few beers (1 per hour) each is fine though. Remember to bring WATER or FLUIDS for your family. It is hot out there and you will dehydrate if you don’t drink enough fluids.

Can I drink beer while fishing?

The simple answer is no, it isn’t illegal to drink while fishing, hiking, etc. There are a million “what-ifs,” such as city/county ordinances, level of intoxication, driving, age.

Can I drink and fish?

Yes. Very small ones can easily be drunk by mistake or even on purpose. If the question means can fish get drunk from alcohol, then it is very likely that some alcoholic content in their water would affect them. The level would need to be very low otherwise the fish will be poisoned and die.