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Can you make keychains out of polymer clay?

Can you make keychains out of polymer clay?

Generally, polymer clay is baked at 275-350 degrees for five to 10 minutes. 6. Using jewelry pliers, attach two to three jump rings to the eye pin at the base of the crust. Then, attach a lobster clasp to the final jump ring, and the keychain is complete!

How do you make a clay keyring?

How to Make Air Dry Clay Keychains

  1. Step One: Roll Out the Air Dry Clay.
  2. Step Two: Cut Out Shapes in the Clay.
  3. Step Three: Emboss Letters and Textures in the Clay.
  4. Step Four: Poke Holes in the Clay.
  5. Step Five: Wait for the Clay to Dry.
  6. Step Six: Paint.
  7. Step Seven: Add a Jump Ring and Key Ring to the Clay Keychain.

How do you make things out of polymer clay?

  1. Make your Own Necklaces. One very popular idea for polymer clay is to make jewelry.
  2. Combine Real Beads with Polymer Clay Charms. You don’t have to make your jewelry entirely out of polymer clay either.
  3. Be Playful and Unique.
  4. Add Some Flair to Your Cell Phone with Some Homemade Charms.
  5. Make Miniature Versions of Things.

What can I do with leftover polymer clay?

  1. If you work with clay long enough, you’ll eventually build up a stock of “scrap” clay— leftover bits and pieces, such as the ends of canes, projects that didn’t go as planned, etc.
  2. Mix new colors.
  3. Marble the colors.
  4. Try a retro cane.
  5. Make a mokume gane slab.
  6. Make Natasha beads.
  7. Swirl some lentils.
  8. Apply powder or wax.

What is the best polymer clay for beginners?

For beginners, I’d choose Sculpey Premo because it’s a medium-firmness polymer clay that still gives great results. For those who want firmer, artist-quality polymer clay, I’d choose either Kato Polyclay or Fimo Professional.

What’s the best way to make clay keychains?

Once you decide what your design will look like, just grab your clay and get started. It’s best to lay down some parchment paper and tape it to your flat work surface. Then when you are don’t making your clay keychains you can just transfer the parchment and clay right to a pan and be ready to cook them in the oven.

What kind of clay do you use to make art?

It is durable, paintable and is air dried or baked in a home oven. Clay molds easily into any shape and acrylic paints work well for details. The non-toxic polymer clay is available at craft and art supply stores in individual colors, as well as complete craft kits.

What’s the best way to bake polymer clay?

Once you have all your clay pieces complete, it’s time to bake them in the oven. Because every clay manufacture has different baking directions, just follow the directions on your polymer clay packaging.

Where can I get polymer clay for free?

The non-toxic polymer clay is available at craft and art supply stores in individual colors, as well as complete craft kits. Free polymer clay projects come with directions, photos and material lists for holiday decorations, gifts and home décor. Create fun creatures, jewelry for moms and grandmothers or colorful sculptures and flowers.