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Can you get parts for a Saturn Ion?

Can you get parts for a Saturn Ion?

If you need replacement Saturn Ion parts, don’t go scouting around junkyards trying to find a fit for your year and color. Shop at or call 866-423-9926 to get your parts now.

Who makes the Saturn Ion?

Saturn CorporationGeneral Motors
Saturn Ion/Manufacturers

Does a 2007 Saturn Ion have abs?

Side curtain airbags, traction control and antilock brakes are optional, but ABS is standard on the Red Line model. Even though the Ion is an improvement over Saturn’s previous S-Series, the differences aren’t dramatic. The Ion is quieter than its predecessor and has a very light feel.

Who makes the 2007 Saturn Ion?

General Motors

Saturn Ion
2006 Saturn Ion 2
Manufacturer Saturn Corporation (General Motors)
Production 2002–March 29, 2007

Does a 2006 Saturn Ion have anti lock brakes?

2006 Saturn Ion Anti-lock Brake System Parts This product is designed and tested to ensure the ultimate in durability and functionality. Made… Saturn Ion with Traction Control (NW7) 2006, GM Original Equipment™ Front Brake Pressure Modulator Sensor Connector by ACDelco®.

Is a 2007 Saturn Ion reliable?

Although affordable and reliable, the 2007 Saturn Ion can’t approach the class leaders in terms of overall refinement, comfort and handling.

Are there any replacement parts for the Saturn Ion?

There are also Saturn Ion OEM parts, Saturn Ion replacements parts, Saturn Ion used parts to fully satisfy your needs. 2003 Saturn Ion Road Test The second new offering actually replaces the S-Series, and that’s the Ion. When Saturn first announced the Ion at the 2002 New York Auto Show they had a lot of fun with the name.

Where is the dashboard on a Saturn Ion?

The dashboard of the Ion was also quite unique for its time—instead of having the instrument panel behind the steering wheel, it was mounted on the top center part of the dash. The 2005 model of the Saturn Ion adopted a new transmission system because the earlier versions used in the 2003 and 2004 models caused several problems.

What should I look for in a Saturn Ion?

But one important thing is that your Saturn Ion parts must complement to your car’s features to achieve great handling. Saturn Ion performance parts such as air filters, suspension kits or maybe even a cold air intake will make your ride perform and handle how you desire.

When did the last Saturn Ion come out?

And aside from that, it was also fitted with the ECU taken from the 2.4 L engine. The production of Ions lasted until March 2007, and it was replaced by the Saturn Astra a year later in 2008. The Saturn Astra is a European-built hatchback that was basically a rebadged version of the Opel Astra.