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Can you change the let off on a bow?

Can you change the let off on a bow?

If you achieve the different let-off by changing cams, like on a Mathews, the 65% let-off is faster than the 80%. The draw length remains the same, but the draw weight does not go as low. Higher draw weight means more speed. Again, the change in speed in either case is small.

What years did bowtech make the allegiance?

With constant improvements on a yearly basis, the Allegiance was manufactured and enhanced from 2005 until 2008. The very first (2005) version was not as advanced as the other 3 modifications (2006-2008). The main difference is that the eccentric system on the 2005 version is cam specific.

How do you adjust a Browning compound bow?

Use the Allen wrench that works with your particular bow to turn the limb bolts clockwise until they are tight. This puts the bow at its maximum weight setting. Turn the limb bolts counterclockwise until you reach the desired weight.

How do you change the draw length on a BowTech equalizer?

The draw length can be easily adjusted by changing the module. This allows for one inch incremental adjustments, and can be done without a bow press or any specialty tools. The draw length can also be fine-tuned by adjusting the draw stop for half-inch increments.

Where is the serial number on a BowTech?

For all models with a serial number you will find it in two locations: 1. It will be located on the riser right below the grip.

What is a limb stop?

Limb stop= solid back wall. Cable stop= soft back wall. Using a hinge release is easier with a soft back wall. Using a thumb trigger release (back tension style) is easier with a solid back wall.

How tall is the bow on the Bowtech allegiance?

The Allegiance carries a reflex design with a brace height of 7 inches. This range falls just above average for a brace height but the bow still carries an impressive speed of up to 328 fps. Speaking of specs each bow leaves the factory with a Birth Certificate stating the speed as well as maximum poundage.

What kind of CAM system does Bowtech allegiance use?

Totally new for 2005, the Allegiance carries BowTech’s new Equalizer Binary Cam System. The Equalizer, a twin cam system, allows the cams, outfitted with dual cables, to work as one.

What is the let off weight of a compound bow?

The amount of weight reduction is used to calculate the bow’s let-off. That is, a bow with a peak draw weight of 70 pounds, that has a full-draw holding weight of 14 pounds, is a bow with 80-percent let-off. Fourteen pounds is 20 percent of the peak draw weight, which means 80 percent of the bow’s peak draw weight has been shed or let off.

How to adjust the elevation of a bow?

Adjust the third axis of the sight. Check the third axis leveling by tilting the bow forward. The levels on the sight and the riser should still be centered. Then tilt the bow to the rear and make the same check. Holes for mounting sight Short-distance Pin Set sight in the middle of the elevation adjustment range. 20.