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Can I trust StubHub to buy tickets?

Can I trust StubHub to buy tickets?

Is it Safe to Buy Tickets on StubHub? In a word, yes. The company is entirely legitimate and has the right to sell or resell all the tickets on its website. As eBay owns it, it has the financial backing of one of the world’s largest companies.

How do I know if my e ticket is real?

Provide the e-ticket number and ask the company to confirm the sale of the ticket. Visit the box office of the venue or the ticketing company and ask a company representative to examine your e-ticket document. The representative should tell you whether the e-ticket number or confirmation number is legitimate or not.

Is StubHub legit, safe, and reliable?

On November 25,2019, eBay announced that the Company has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its StubHub to viagogo for a cash purchase price of $4.05 billion. Yes, StubHub is a legit and safe ticket exchange platform (founded in 2000) for live events in over 50 countries.

Is StubHub a legit website?

Is StubHub Legit? In simplest terms, yes, StubHub is a legitimate vendor. They legitimately resell the tickets to a large range of events that take place in different venues across the globe. Since this website comes as a subsidiary of eBay, it has a better reputation as well.

Is StubHub instant download reliable?

Overall, StubHub is fairly reliable, but this depends on how your tickets are delivered. If you can download your tickets right from StubHub, then it’s very reliable. If you need to get them over email, it’s a little less reliable.

How does StubHub work for a seller?

StubHub makes a profit on the sale from both sides — from the seller as well as the buyer. The commission to the seller is usually 10 percent of the price, but the buyer also pays a premium on the seller’s ticket price. For example, a ticket listed by the seller at a price of $49 will be sold to the buyer for $58.60.