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Can FFmpeg stream RTSP?

Can FFmpeg stream RTSP?

4 Answers. You can use FFserver to stream a video using RTSP. Here is the FFserver documentation. Note that simple-rtsp-server can also handle UDP streams (i.s.o. TCP) but that’s tricky running the server as a Docker container.

How do I stream FFmpeg?

FFmpeg can stream a single stream using the ​RTP protocol. In order to avoid buffering problems on the other hand, the streaming should be done through the -re option, which means that the stream will be streamed in real-time (i.e. it slows it down to simulate a live streaming ​source.

What steps are needed to stream RTSP from FFmpeg?

Here are the main steps to play RTSP stream via Command Line interface using FFmpeg:

  1. Download FFmpeg.
  2. Unzip downloaded the FFmpeg ZIP folder.
  3. Open Command Prompt in the Unzipped FFmpeg folder.
  4. Type a command with the RTSP stream that you want to play.
  5. Press Enter button to watch the RTSP stream.

Does FFmpeg support Rtmps?

ffmpeg uses the librtsp module to handle all forms of the RTMP request like RTMPS. The problem is that librtsp is reliant on an SSL/TLS module or service to do the encryption – but there is no support for that in the standard ffmpeg builds. Hence, RTMPS requests stall out when used.

How do you make an RTSP video stream?

The GUI Way

  1. In VLC Player, select Media | Stream.
  2. Click “Add…” to select the video file. Click “Stream”.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select “RTSP” from the dropdown list and click “Add” to select a video file. To avoid the need for transcoding (which consumes more CPU), try to select video clips encoded in H. 264. Click Next.

What uses RTSP?

RTSP started as a way to allow users to play audio and video straight from the internet, rather than having to download media files to their devices. The protocol has been applied for various uses, including internet camera sites, online education and internet radio.

How do I live stream local video using FFmpeg?

Use FFmpeg as a live encoder with Wowza Streaming Engine

  1. Transcode an RTSP or RTP IP camera source. Transcode an MPEG-TS stream. Transcode a native RTP stream.
  2. Stream over RTMP. Stream over RTSP/RTP.
  3. List available devices. Convert .ts source files to .mp4.
  4. Save a live stream as .mp4. Get encoding properties.

How do I stream desktop with FFmpeg?

3 Answers

  1. Download FFmpeg. Either 64-bit or 32-bit should work.
  2. Install Screen Capturer Recorder. The installer should automatically install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable as well, if needed.
  3. Use ffmpeg -f dshow -i video=screen-capture-recorder -r 24000/1001 -q 1 out.avi.

How do I stream RTSP?

Step 1: Download and install VLC Player from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/. Step 2: Open VLC player and select“Open Network Stream”from the Media menu. Step 3: Type the network URL in the dialog box below, and then click Play to play the video with RTSP stream.