Can a reference dimension have a tolerance?

Can a reference dimension have a tolerance?

Reference dimensions do not normally govern manufacturing operations (such as machining) in any way and, therefore, do not typically include a dimensional tolerance (though a tolerance may be provided if such information is deemed helpful). …

What is the tolerance considered in the dimension?

The tolerance is the difference between the maximum and minimum limits.” This can be shown as upper and lower limits (0.2500over0. 2498) or an allowable amount above and below a nominal dimension (0.2500+0.0000over−0.0002, 0.2499 ±0.0001). Both of these methods define the same range of allowable dimensions.

How is a reference dimension identified?

A Reference Dimension is a dimension given to any features that are just for reference – or visualization purposes. These are called out on a drawing using parenthesis (i.e., 5.125). It also could be a dimension that is described on another drawing or elsewhere. Either way, the dimension does not get inspected.

How do you set a dimension tolerance?

Right-click the dimension, and then select Edit from the menu. In the Edit Dimension dialog box, click the Precision and Tolerance tab. In the Tolerance Method list, select the tolerance type from the list. When you select the type, the associated tolerance value boxes are available to edit.

What is the difference between a basic dimension and a reference dimension?

Basic dimensions are associated with another tolerance or dimension. While they don’t have a tolerance tied to themselves, they are used to calculate another toleranced feature such as the true position of a hole. Reference dimensions are simply placed on a drawing or blueprint for reference.

What does it mean when a dimension has a box around it?

basic dimension
The box around the basic dimension serves as a visual cue to search for the tolerance in a feature control frame.

How do you show tolerance in Creo?

1. Set the configuration option tol_display to yes, or click File > Options > Entity Display, and under Dimensions, annotations, notes and reference designators display settings, select the Show dimension tolerances check box. The general tolerances for the part are displayed in the bottom area of the graphics window.

Can a tolerance be included in a reference dimension?

There is wording that some folks interpret as to not include tolerances in reference dimensions but you can. See: ASME 14.5-2009, para. The thing about reference dimensions is that the feature or part cannot be accepted or rejected due to an out of tolerance reference dimension.

Which is the best description of a tolerance?

Tolerance—the amount that a particular dimension is allowed to vary- All dimensions (except reference dimensions) have an associated tolerance. A tolerance may be expressed either through limit dimensioning, plus and minus dimensioning, or a general note. The tolerance is the difference between the maximum and minimum limits.

What is the value of tolerance in Mechanical Engineering?

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. Value of Tolerance. • The tolerance for a single dimension may be specified with the dimension and then the tolerance. – The tolerance is total variation between the upper and lower limits.

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