At what age do Old English Game bantams start laying?

At what age do Old English Game bantams start laying?

Old English Game Pullets and Point-of-Lays If you’re picking up pullets or point-of-lays for the purpose of getting fresh eggs, you can expect them to start laying at around the 5-6 month range. A little slower than most of the popular backyard breeds as they’re not prolific layers.

How do you take care of a bantams chick?

Cover the brooder floor with clean straw, rather than shavings. Chicks have a tendency to eat too much of the small parts of shavings, which can kill baby chicks at this age. Since bantams aren’t as hardy as standard breeds, we recommend separating them from any standard breeds you might order at the same time.

What color eggs do Old English Game bantams lay?

Production: Old English Bantam hens lay white to light tint-colored eggs. Hens that brood are dependable setters; however, hens that don’t brood will not lay eggs.

Can you eat a bantam rooster?

Although smaller, you can still eat your surplus bantam cockerels. But only if you can butcher them, or let someone else butcher them for you. If you’re soft you’ll end up with a second coop full of angry bachelor roosters. Keep that in mind before you go out and buy a bunch of chicks.

Are Old English bantams friendly?

Based on their fighting background, Old English Game Bantams do not have the most docile and friendly personalities. This breed has been refined since cockfighting was banned and the birds do have calmer temperaments than they used to.

How often do bantams lay eggs?

Bantam Egg Laying Once a bantam chicken starts laying eggs, they will lay every other day for about four (4) to six (6) months, then they will stop producing while they shed their feathers (called molting).

How can you tell if a bantam chick is a male or female?

So the simplest rule in sexing chicks by down color is to remember males have lighter heads, sometimes with a white or yellow spot, and females have darker down color often with a black or brown spot or stripes on their heads or with darker stripes on their backs.

Do Old English bantams have feathered feet?

Health Considerations of Bantam Chickens While most bantam chickens are just as healthy as their standard counterparts, there are a few exceptions to this. Bantam chickens are more likely to be sablepoots, which means they have feathered feet.

What kind of chicken is crele Old English Bantam?

With the Crele Old English Bantam chicken, you will get a smaller chicken that is every bit as tame and beautiful as the standard breed. This specific variety has a unique mix of coloring spread across its feathers, and you can expect it to do well with little feed and space.

Where did the Old English Bantam get its name?

Old English Bantams originated, as their name suggests, in England. Old English Bantams have single combs, however males must be dubbed (comb and wattles removed) in order to show. They are very easy to handle and care for, and they even make for impressive show birds.

Which is better Cornish Game Hen or English Game Bantam?

While the Old English Game Bantams do have proportionately large breasts, they are still too small to make good eating. If you want a small chicken to eat, Cornish Game hens make a better alternative. 1. Feeding and Nutritional Needs

How many eggs does an Old English Game Bantam make?

Bantams, in general, do not have very impressive egg production, and the Old English Game Bantams are no exception. You can expect about 40 small, cream-colored eggs from one hen in a year. 4. Meat Production While the Old English Game Bantams do have proportionately large breasts, they are still too small to make good eating.