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Are there swamps in Nigeria?

Are there swamps in Nigeria?

Nigeria: Mangrove Swamps Mangrove swamps in Nigeria are located along the entire coastline, where you will find a lot of rainfall and very humid conditions. The largest mangrove swamp is located in the Niger Delta between the region of the Benin River in the west and the Calabar, Rio del Rey estuary in the east.

What do you mean by swamp forest?

Freshwater swamp forests, or flooded forests, are forests which are inundated with freshwater, either permanently or seasonally. They normally occur along the lower reaches of rivers and around freshwater lakes. Specifically, varzea refers to whitewater-inundated forest, and igapó to blackwater-inundated forest.

Where is fresh water swamp found in Nigeria?

Niger Delta
In the Niger Delta, the freshwater swamp is situated between the lowland rain forest in the north and the mangrove swamp in the south. The freshwater forest swamps provides transition zone between the two ecosystems and a passageway for the migration of biodiversity.

Where is swamp forest?

Swamp forests are distributed widely, but are more common in tropical rather than temperate zones. The largest areas of swamp forest are to be found throughout Central America, Brazil, Argentina, tropical Africa, and Southeast Asia (particularly Borneo, the island of New Guinea, Laos, and Cambodia).

What fish live in mangroves?

Mangrove and Coastal Zone Life Mangroves water contain crabs, jellyfish and juvenile snappers, jacks, red drums, sea trout, tarpon, sea bass, snook, sea bass. The only sharks and barracudas are babies.

What is the other name of swamp forest?

wetland forests
Littoral forests and Swamp forests are also called wetland forests. India has a rich variety of these types of forests. They are mainly found in reservoirs of Deccan Plateau, saline coast of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Gulf of Kutch, Eastern Coast Deltas, lakes and Rivers of Kashmir and Ladakh, Swamps in North East India.

What animals live in freshwater swamp forest?

WILDLIFE IN SWAMP FORESTS The primary wildlife inhabitants of swamp forests are reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, raccoons, opposums, wild pigs and invertebrates. Reptiles and amphibians are prevalent in swamps because of their ability to adapt to fluctuating water levels.

Is swamp water safe to drink?

Never drink water from a natural source that you haven’t purified, even if the water looks clean. Water in a stream, river or lake may look clean, but it can still be filled with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can result in waterborne diseases, such as cryptosporidiosis or giardiasis.

Where are the freshwater swamps located in Nigeria?

Here you can find a lot of freshwaters. This freshwater comes from the inland rivers and rainfalls. The major areas with sand, mud, and silt materials are located in the Cross River, Niger Delta, Imo, Benin and Ogun. The freshwater swamps are situated across the Niger Delta.

Where are the tropical evergreen forests in Nigeria?

This vegetation zone can be seen from the Niger-Benin Republic border. This vegetation zone can be seen in the Niger-Benue stretch system of South-West Nigeria. The tropical evergreen forests are home to a great number of tree species.

Which is the second largest type of vegetation in Nigeria?

Savannah is the second biggest type of vegetation found in Nigeria. It is the areas with grassland and almost no forest. Therefore, the savannah can be described as the grass or under-grass vegetation. There are three major savannah belts in Nigeria. This type of vegetation is located in the middle of the country.

What kind of vegetation is found in Lagos?

The Saline Water swamp conditions along with the climate help to grow various types of mangrove vegetation. A good example of this type of vegetation is the type found in the East of Lagos.