Are there beaches near San Jose Costa Rica?

Are there beaches near San Jose Costa Rica?

Jaco Beach is the closest beach to San Jose and one of the most crowded. The closest beach to San José, Playa Jaco is good destination for a quick beach getaway. The beach and surrounding town are booming with activities and it can be particularly enjoyable for watersports enthusiasts.

What is the nicest beach town in Costa Rica?

Top 10 Beach Towns In Costa Rica

  • Manuel Antonio.
  • Tamarindo.
  • Santa Teresa.
  • Nosara.
  • Cahuita.
  • Puerto Viejo.
  • Uvita.
  • Playa Conchal.

How far away is San Jose Costa Rica from the beach?

From San Jose, Playas del Coco is 244 kilometers (152 miles), about a 4.5 hour drive. Playas del Coco is the closest beach town to an international airport in Costa Rica.

Which side of Costa Rica has the best beaches?

Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches are located in northwest Costa Rica (Guanacaste, the Nicoya Peninsula) and the southern Caribbean (Puerto Viejo, Cahuita). In both regions you’ll find light sand, warm tropical water, and — when conditions are right — great surfing.

Is it better to fly into Liberia or San Jose?

Liberia is closer to some of the best surfing beaches in the country but flights can be more expensive. San Jose is closer to nature activities and the hustle and bustle of the capital city with generally cheaper flights, but has more expensive local transportation.

Where is the best place to stay in San Jose Costa Rica?

Another recommended area to stay in is the Escazú area. This is where San José´s rich and affluent live and is a pleasant and safe place to stay, although it does have limited accommodation options.

Is Costa Rica on the west coast?

Great Costa Rica Beaches on the Upper West Coast. The Costa Rica beaches on the upper west coast are some of the most beautiful beaches on earth. Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula , also known as the ‘Gold Coast’, are located on the upper west coast of Costa Rica and are the driest and most reliably sunny regions of the country.

Is Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean?

Costa Rica is located on the Central American Isthmus , surrounding the point 10° north of the equator and 84° west of the prime meridian. It borders both the Caribbean Sea (to the east) and the North Pacific Ocean (to the west), with a total of 1,290 km of coastline (212 km on the Caribbean coast and 1,016 km on the Pacific).

Is Costa Rica in Aruba?

Distance from Aruba to Costa Rica. Distance from Aruba to Costa Rica is 1,536 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 954 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Aruba and Costa Rica is 1,536 km= 954 miles.