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Are there any sandy beaches on Arran?

Are there any sandy beaches on Arran?

Torrylinn Beach, via the footpath next to Kilmory Stores, is one of the best sandy beaches on the island. Blackwaterfoot is a popular beach on the west side, a long sandy stretch with walks nearby to Kings Cave and Machrie.

Is it worth going to the Isle of Arran?

Arran is also a popular tourist destination, but there is more accommodation there so you may still be able to find somewhere. It has excellent hillwalking. It is closer to the other places you are visiting. Your choice may be dictated by whether you can find any accommodation at all on Skye.

How far is the Isle of Arran from the mainland?

Arran is very compact with its circular coastal road and there is easy access from the mainland by ferry. Arran is a small island, 20 miles long and 56 miles round, located off the south-west coast of Scotland.

How do you get to the Isle of Arran?

There are two ferries to Arran: You can take the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick, which takes 55 minutes. Vehicle reservations are recommended. You can travel from Claonaig in Kintyre to Lochranza, at the north end of Arran, which takes 30 minutes.

Is Arran pretty?

Breathtaking scenery The Isle of Arran has stunning scenery that will take your breath away. Enjoy the lush landscapes and cliffs overlooking the sea whilst you sit back and relax on this beautiful island.

Does Arran have nice beaches?

Thanks to its unique geology, Arran has the best of all worlds. It is an island with lush green glens and soft sand beaches, palm trees soaked in sunshine and soaring peaks concealed by mist.

Why do tourists visit Arran?

The Isle of Arran is a place where you can find a little bit of everything you’d ever want from a Scottish island; an ever-changing coastline, dramatic mountain peaks, sheltered beaches, verdant forests, great cultural festivals and a wealth of tasty local produce.

Does Isle of Arran have midges?

Midge hotspots Most of the west coast including Skye, Torridon and Arran.

Do you need a car on Arran?

Arran is perfect for a day or two’s adventuring – and perfectly doable without a car. Stroll off the ferry and catch the ten-minute bus to the Arran Brewery, at the start of the trail. You can also walk straight out from Brodick, where the footpath takes you past a gaggle of very friendly ducks.

Do you need a car on Isle of Arran?

What to do in Arran when it’s raining?

Brodick Castle, Garden and Country Park. 947. Castles • Parks.

  • Cladach Pottery. Art Galleries.
  • Isle of Arran Heritage Museum. 332. History Museums.
  • Auchrannie Leisure Centre. 229. Sports Complexes.
  • Lochranza Distillery. 962. Distilleries.
  • Coast Discovery Centre. Visitor Centres.
  • Brodick VisitScotland iCentre. 111.
  • The Playbarn. 120.
  • How much does ferry to Arran cost?

    The road equivalent tariff (RET) allows fares to be realigned with the equivalent cost of travelling by road. From Monday, the cost of a return car journey from Brodick in Arran to Ardrossan in North Ayrshire will be £29.70 – down from £70. Passenger-only return journeys will cost £7.30 – a saving of £4.

    Where are the best places to visit on the Isle of Arran?

    1. Machrie Moor Stone Circles 2. Goat Fell 3. Brodick Castle, Garden and Country Park 4. Cladach Pottery 5. Blackwaterfoot Beach 6. Isle of Arran Heritage Museum 7. The Holy Isle 8. The String 9. Auchrannie Leisure Centre 10. Arran Coastal way 11.

    How big is the Isle of Arran in miles?

    Arran is one of the larger Scottish islands at 167 square miles and is often referred to as ‘Scotland in miniature’, thanks to the diverse range of hills, mountains, lochs, woodlands and beaches that you’ll find there.

    Where is Silver Sands in Isle of Arran?

    Silver Sands Beach is situated on the south east on the island. It is also known as Kildonan Beach as Kildonan is the closest village to the beach. What Is There To Do Nearby? Close by to Silver Sands is Whiting Bay, the Giant’s Graves and Glenashdale Waterfalls, and Eas Mor Waterfall.

    Where is cleat’s shore in Isle of Arran?

    Cleat’s Shore, an official naturist beach, is located near Lagg on the south west tip of the Isle of Arran, the largest of the islands in the Firth of Clyde in the west of Scotland. It has been been recommended by BBC News as an odd day out. First, catch your ferry!