Are there any more episodes of got to believe?

Are there any more episodes of got to believe?

Just keep an eye out on the website as more episodes will be uploaded soon A massive thank you to @marysvhope and @ cleliagbu23-blog for sending me links to the episodes! Loading…

Who are the actors in got to believe?

While Betchay and Chito plan on raising Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) in the province, Jaime and Juliana’s rocky relationship begin to take its toll on Joaquin (Daniel Padilla). Soon, Joaquin crosses paths with Chichay as Poro (Al Tantay) agrees to take the boy to the carnival.

Who is Chito from’got to believe’married to?

As the only way to earn Betchay’s forgiveness, Jaime is left with no choice but to marry the woman he does not love. Meanwhile, Betchay’s wandering feet brings her to a circus where she meets Chito (Benjie Paras).

What happens to Jaime and Betchay in got to believe?

Though difficult, Jaime and Betchay handle the distance until Jaime unintentionally commits an act of betrayal that is bound to change their lives. Despite Jaime’s refusal to marry Juliana, Betchay decides to leave the love of her life for him to take responsibility for Juliana and her unborn child.

Who are the actors in the movie got to believe?

1 Kathryn Bernardo as Christina Carlota “Chichay” Tampipi 2 Daniel Padilla as Joaquin “Wacky Boy” / Ryan San Juan Manansala 3 Manilyn Reynes as Elizabeth “Betchay / Teddy Bear / Mama Bear” Tampipi 4 Ian Veneracion as Jaime “Bunny Bear” Manansala 5 Benjie Paras as Chito “Papa Bear” Tampipi 6 Carmina Villaroel as Juliana San Juan-Manansala

Where was the TV series got to believe filmed?

It also marks that the series was filmed and used Singapore on some of its episodes having Chichay and Joaquin on several tourist spots in the country. Initially, Got to Believe was originally planned to be premiered back-to-back with Muling Buksan ang Puso on July 8, 2013, replacing Apoy sa Dagat and Missing You.

What was the ending of got to believe?

The series finale, dubbed as the Best Ending Ever, was ranked #1 by Kantar Media nationwide TV rating. As young Chichay ( Kathryn Bernardo) unexpectedly met young Joaquin ( Daniel Padilla) in their family-owned amusement fair, she taught him to believe that magic exists.