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Are there any bugs on the molten WoW server?

Are there any bugs on the molten WoW server?

I am old molten player and reported a more than 20 bugs for cata realms (played mainly cata on molten) and some dev just make them confirmed but 1 year later they still exist when all 3 of them have a similar mechanic problem. Just the community keep this server alive, not some cheap scripts that even dont working well.

Is it true that molten Wow has fallen?

Hundreds of people put great efforts in taking Molten Wow to what it is today (what it was 4 days ago). Even though I didn’t play there so much, I feel bad for all my fellow players and devs that they lost all their work.

Which is better molten wow or kaer Wow?

But it is still a way better place to be than molten under the leadership of hermes. The only thing I must admit to you is that the return of Kaer is interesting and keeping the community very strong there. If kaer would not have come back, molten would be destroyed till the last brick. Just a little word, from a former Molten gamer.

Where is the molten core in World of Warcraft?

End of dialog window. The Molten Core is located beyond Blackrock Depths in the deepest part of Blackrock Mountain. It is the home of Ragnaros the Firelord–one of the four elemental lieutenants of the Old Gods–and his elemental minions. Molten Core is a 40-man raid instance. The Molten Core lies at the very bottom of Blackrock Depths.

Where can I find the last line of Defense?

If you’re looking for videos and photos, I do most of those over on YouTube and Instagram. WHAT IS THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE? The Last Line of Defense (LLOD) started when I was beginning to post random gun-related content online (on Instagram).

Where to get Molten Front in World of Warcraft?

Go to the Heart chamber in Silithus and pick up A Fresh Trauma from Magni, then back to Hyjal to complete it. Just took a newly boosted dwarf hunter to hyjal, and did all the zone quests for coming down the mountain achievement. Then did the quests to open up Molten Front. Did the dailies in hyjal that lead to the turn in quest in Molten Front.