Are Stormer kitchens good?

Are Stormer kitchens good?

For sixty years, Stormer have been renowned for making high quality German kitchens using the best methods and latest technologies. Stormer is an owner-managed company providing the very best in German kitchen design. …

What is the best German kitchen?

They provide sleek and modern designs, with many exciting ranges and countless options to choose from, Nolte Kitchens represent highly engineered German quality at its best.

  • Siematic.
  • Bulthaup.
  • Leicht.
  • Bauformat.
  • Häcker.
  • Poggenpohl.
  • Nobilia.

Which is the best German kitchen?

Are German kitchens better than UK?

When it comes to quality, there is no difference. German kitchens are produced on mass, whereas a smaller, independent company will be producing one-off, bespoke kitchens built for each individual client. This does not mean, however, that the actual manufacturing process is much different.

Why is homeownership so low in Germany?

Germany has the second lowest share of homeowners of all OECD countries. This is driven by housing policies that produce incentives to rent. Germany has high transfer taxes on buying real estate, no mortgage interest tax deductions for owner-occupiers, and a social housing sector with broad eligibility requirements.

What do you need to know about Stormer kitchens?

Whether you’re a proud home-owner looking to update your kitchen décor or a housing development manager searching for inspirational designs for a new project – we can deliver.

Which is the best German kitchen design company?

For the ultimate in choice, function and exquisite design, let us make your dream German kitchen a reality. Find your kitchen style – German kitchen funiture with special focus on functionality, design and style. The leading German exponent of high-end, innovative kitchen appliances, ovens, cookers and accessories.

What to look for in a German kitchen?

We understand what our clients want and when choosing a German kitchen, they expect not only bespoke and innovative designs and exquisite attentions to detail but also a first-class service with competitive prices.