Are rhino ground blinds good?

Are rhino ground blinds good?

Rhino Blinds have been endorsed by hunting professionals, photographers, hunting guides, and more. With Rhino, you will find not only a high quality ground blind, but unbeatable customer service and product support.

Who owns Rhino blinds?

Outdoor Product Innovations
Elyria, OH – Outdoor Product Innovations announces the growth and success of Rhino Blinds since their purchase of the company in 2015.

What are Rhino blinds made of?

The Rhino 2X-MO blind is constructed of a True 600 denier polyester. This means the fabric is 600 denier thread in both the horizontal and vertical weave. Rhino Blinds are built tough and designed to withstand the most inclement weather conditions. Rhino Blinds are easy to set up and take down.

Are Rhino blind?

Rhinos are not blind, however they suffer from poor eyesight. Studies have shown that a rhino’s eyesight is around half as good as a cat’s and a tenth as good as the average person’s.

How does the Rhino 180 work?

The 180 See Through has reinforced stress points with triple stitched corners and reinforcements to prevent rods popping through the fabric. All Rhino Blinds are treated with a durable water repellent to protect and an antimicrobial to help prevent mold and mildew ensuring you a quality product.

Is rhino Vision bad?

Rhinos have poor vision Rhinos’ eyesight isn’t great – they’re unable to see a motionless person at a distance of 30m – they mainly rely on their strong sense of smell.

Why are rhinos eyesight so bad?

To compensate, they use their strong senses of smell and hearing to perceive the world around them. All rhino species suffer from short-sightedness and their lack of vision means that they would only charge at humans if they detect an unusual scent, or hear an unusual noise that spooks them.