Are Rexton cars good?

Are Rexton cars good?

I have always been impressed with the build quality, comfort and reliability of these vehicles. I even enjoy the styling somewhat. I currently drive a 2009 Rexton 2.7L Diesel, which has the rare US Tremec Manual 5 speed gearbox and 7 seats. The finish and quality is very nice and performance and economy are great.

What kind of car is a Rexton?

The SsangYong Rexton (Korean: 쌍용 렉스턴) is a mid-size SUV manufactured by SsangYong Motor since late 2001. The name Rexton is derived from the Latin title ‘rex’ and the English word ‘tone’, which is intended to mean “the ruler’s tone”.

Does Rexton have low-range?

With an old-school, selectable four-wheel drive system and a low-range gearbox, the Rexton is a capable car.

What is a Rexton W?

SsangYong Rexton W (2013 – 2017) At A Glance SsangYong is giving its ageing Rexton a new lease of life with the launch of the Rexton W. Power comes from SsangYong’s own 2.0-litre diesel engine with 155PS and 360Nm of torque which peaks from just 1500rpm making it ideal for towing.

Are SsangYong cars reliable?

Owners praised SsangYong for its reliable and practical cars that are easy to use and comfortable. SsangYong was the only carmaker to notch up an impressive 90 per cent approval rating with drivers….

Rank Manufacturer Satisfaction Index Rating
1 SsangYong 90.3%
2 Porsche 89.4%
3 Dacia 89.3%
4 Jaguar 88.7%

Is the SsangYong Rexton a 4×4?

Impressing with its sheer presence and beautifully balanced exterior, Rexton is a large D/E-segment four-wheel drive offering a prestige cabin for passengers to travel in supreme comfort, while disguising its tough and rugged off-road capability.

What makes the SsangYong Rexton the best SUV?

Value is undeniably the Rexton’s strongest suit, as few SUVs can match it for size, equipment or power at the price. It’s also worth adding that the entry-level EX model has seven seats as standard.

What kind of engine does the Rexton have?

The Rexton is powered by a 2.2L diesel engine or 2.0 petrol turbo engine and features enhanced independent rear suspension for superior handling and ride quality.

Is the SsangYong Rexton a household name in the UK?

SsangYong may not exactly be a household name in the UK, but its tough, rugged four-wheel drive SUVs and pickups have slowly earned the brand a loyal following.

When did the SsangYong Rexton get a facelift?

Rexton went through a facelift in 2003, introducing SsangYong’s new signature front grille and chrome finish, and underlinning Rexton as the brand’s flagship SUV.