Are graphite shafts good for drivers?

Are graphite shafts good for drivers?

Graphite shafts are almost always lighter and will help you create more swing speed without exerting more effort. Unless you’re Tiger Woods in the early 2000s, every golfer in today’s world plays a graphite shaft for their driver shaft.

Do drivers have graphite shafts?

Almost 100% of all drivers have graphite shafts in them. This is because the driver is designed for maximum distance and is much larger and easier-to-hit than they were just a few years ago.

Do pro golfers use graphite shafts?

Over the past decade, graphite has become the material of choice on the PGA TOUR for shafts in drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, as pros have shifted away from steel and into lighter composites that increased swing speed and distance.

Are most drivers graphite shafts?

Shaft Material Although most drivers and woods come standard with a graphite shaft, alternative options are available. I will briefly explain the various materials and the impact on the driver shaft.

Are graphite shafts better than steel?

Historically speaking, steel shafts have been better for more advanced or higher swing speed players. Graphite has been more ideal for people with more moderate swings or players wanting maximum distance.

Does Rickie Fowler use graphite shafts?

But the most significant change is Rickie Fowler has switched to graphite shafts in his irons. Specially, he has switched into a 125-gram version of Mitsubishi’s MMT TX shaft.

Should a high handicapper use steel or graphite shafts?

High-handicapped golfers who need help generating speed should use graphite, this will really help them pick up speed. Steel could help you with stability though. The most important thing is to be fit for the right shaft flex whether it be in graphite or steel.

What is the benefit of graphite shafts?

Benefits of Graphite Shafts Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts, resulting in an increase in swing speed and distance. This is particularly beneficial to players with slow swing tempos. Most golfers can realize an increase of at least 5 yards for each club.

What is the best graphite shaft?

The best graphite shafts weight around 55 to 65 grams. You can easily find one at Monark Golf. At Monark Golf, you will find a wide selection of high-performance shafts with unique designs as well as our won designed graphite golf club shafts which are perfect for all levels of golfers.

What are the advantages of graphite golf shafts?

GRAPHITE GOLF SHAFTS: The main advantage graphite shafts have over steel, is their lower “static weight”. A lower static weight helps increase swing speed and produces more distance without additional swing effort.

Do pro golfers use graphite or steel shafts?

If PGA Tour golfers are using graphite shafts, that puts the lie to the idea that graphite is only for mid- and high-handicap golfers. All the way back in 2004, Tiger Woods switched from a steel shaft to a graphite shaft in his driver (most pros made that switch even earlier).

How long should graphite shafts last?

You can expect a shaft to last 20 years, with other components failing way before any shaft will. The reason for the shafts longevity is because there is little to no force imposed directly on to the shaft. However there is evidence that a shaft made from graphite will have a longer lifespan than a steel shaft.