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Are Bessacarr motorhomes any good?

Are Bessacarr motorhomes any good?

We have had our Bessacarr E560 for just over 2 years now and love it, we find the build quality great and have never had any issues with it. It’s perfect for the two of us.

What make is a Bessacarr?

Swift bought the Bessacarr brand in 1996, taking over the manufacture of caravans under the brand. It was in the following year that they launched the Bessacarr range of motorhomes. Over the past fifteen years as part of the Swift group, the Bessacarr brand has gone from strength to strength.

Where are Bessacarr motorhomes made?

In 1996, the Swift Group took over Bessacarr and they are today manufactured at their factory in Cottingham.

How long is a Bessacarr E560?

7.04 Metres
Bessacarr E560 Elegance.

Year: 2007
Width: 2.35 Metres
Height: 2.97 Metres
Length: 7.04 Metres
Gross Weight: 3500 kgs

Who builds bessacarr?

The Swift Group
Manufactured by The Swift Group the market leading Smart 3 build is just one of the reasons to purchase from the Bessacarr By Design Range.

How wide is a bessacarr caravan?


Specifications 835 (4 berth)
Numbers of Axles 2
Internal Length (at bed box height) 6.36m / 20’10”
Overall Width# 2.45m / 8’0”
Overall Height (inc. TV Aerial)# 2.59m / 8’6”

Are benimar motorhomes winterised?

Both vans are also fully winterised, and come with a 6000Kw Truma Combi heating system as well as an onboard 127-litre freshwater tank, an insulated and heated 105-litre waste water tank, and insulated external pipes.

What size is a 4 berth caravan?

Berths 4
Overall Width 2.19m 7’2″
Overall Height 2.58m 8’6″
Internal Headroom 1.90m 6’3″
Awning Size (gd to gd) 958cm

How big is a four berth caravan?

They range in size from 6 metres to around 12 metres long, and they typically have a sleeping area in the front and one in the back. They have a separate kitchen area and a bathroom, usually with a shower. These types of caravans can have a single or a double axle. The berths range from two to four beds in all sizes.

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