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Why is Federation Square important to Melbourne?

Why is Federation Square important to Melbourne?

Home to major cultural attractions, world-class events, tourism experiences and an exceptional array of restaurants, bars and specialty stores, this modern piazza has become the city’s focal point; its heartbeat. Since opening in 2002, Federation Square has received more than 90 million visits.

What are they building at Federation Square?

Works are underway to build an entrance to Town Hall Station at Federation Square. The entrance will improve access to this important civic space as well as Southbank, the Arts Centre, St Paul’s Cathedral and other culturally significant landmarks.

What does Fed Square look like?

Fed Square’s distinctive look is inspired by fractals: complex patterns that are identical both on a smaller scale and when viewed as a whole. Three cladding materials – sandstone, zinc and glass – all form triangular pinwheel grids.

How old is fed Square?

19c. 2002
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What was there before Fed Square?

Perrott and Partners and constructed in 1967. The towers were occupied by the Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria, leading to the buildings also being known as the Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers. They were demolished in 1997 to make way for Federation Square.

What kind of building is Federation Square Melbourne?

Federation Square is a contextualist building in that it not only has a familiar scale, and achieves some interesting connections with its context, but it also seeks to imitate the experiential parameters of Melbourne’s nineteenth-century structure of streets and lanes.

What was before Fed Square in Melbourne Australia?

Brutalist office blocks and filthy rail yards. These and more occupied the space before Fed Square until, in 1996, the Victorian Government held an international design competition to redevelop the precinct as the city’s new (and direly needed) civic space.

How does the architecture of Federation Square work?

Like an Aeolian harp sounding in the wind, the aspects of the buildings’ form harmonise ambiently and without direction or overall structure. For a visitor, the affect of this formal aesthetic is a kind of liberating bewilderment.

How is fed square different from other public spaces?

Unlike traditional public spaces, like Venice’s San Marco or New York’s Rockefeller Centre, Fed Square is made up of a series of interlocking and cascading spaces, opening at all angles into the city and creating unexpected connections and vistas.