Why is dosulepin being discontinued?

Why is dosulepin being discontinued?

12th edition. Informa Healthcare, London 2015. Dosulepin should not be prescribed for any indication because evidence supporting its tolerability relative to other antidepressants is outweighed by the increased cardiac risk and toxicity in overdose.

Is dosulepin a sedative?

Dosulepin is as effective and sedative as amitriptyline, with somewhat fewer anticholinergic adverse effects in several studies.

Can dosulepin cause memory loss?

Anticholinergics for depression, such as amitriptyline, dosulepin, and paroxetine, have previously been linked to higher risk of dementia, even when they were used up to 20 years beforehand. Some studies have also suggested that use of any anticholinergic is linked to raised risk of dementia.

Can you just stop taking dosulepin?

Do not stop taking dosulepin without talking to your doctor. You may suffer side effects if you stop taking it suddenly. If you and your doctor agree that you should stop taking dosulepin, your doctor will probably recommend reducing your dose gradually over several weeks.

Can dosulepin cause high blood pressure?

Taking Dosulepin Mylan with a MAOI may cause a serious reaction with a sudden increase in body temperature, extremely high blood pressure and severe convulsions.

How do I get off dosulepin?

Dosulepin should not be stopped abruptly unless serious side effects have occurred. Slowly tapering the dose over 3 to 4 weeks can help prevent discontinuation symptoms. These symptoms may include anxiety, flu-like symptoms and insomnia.

What can I take instead of dosulepin?

If you’re already taking dosulepin, they may suggest switching to something else. Other possible treatments include: painkillers like paracetamol or co-codamol. some antidepressants that also help with pain, such as amitriptyline.

How do I stop taking dosulepin?

What are the side effects of taking dosulepin?

Symptoms of overdose include excitement, dry mouth, unconsciousness, drowsiness, visual hallucinations, urinary retention, and depression, etc. Those patients who have taken >5mg/kg should seek immediate medical attention. Do not use Dosulepin during pregnancy and lactation.

Are there side effects to taking amitriptyline and dosulepin?

Tricyclic antidepressants (such as clomipramine, amitriptyline, imipramine, and dosulepin) can cause toxic delirium, delusions, and visual hallucinations associated with their anticholinergic properties. These adverse effects appear to be dose-dependent and in one study occurred in 13% of patients.

When to talk to your doctor about taking dosulepin?

Talk to your doctor if you’re thinking of stopping taking dosulepin. Dosulepin is also known as dothiepin or by the brand name Prothiaden. 3. Who can and can’t take dosulepin Dosulepin is normally only prescribed if you’re already taking it and haven’t had any serious side effects.

How is dosulepin different from other hydrochlorides?

Dosulepin exhibits ( E) and ( Z) stereoisomerism like doxepin but in contrast the pure E or trans isomer is used medicinally. The drug is used commercially as the hydrochloride salt; the free base is not used. Dosulepin was developed by SPOFA. It was patented in 1962 and first appeared in the literature in 1962.