Why is Chattogram famous for?

Why is Chattogram famous for?

The Chittagong Division is known for its rich biodiversity. Over 2000 of Bangladesh’s 6000 flowering plants grow in the region. Its hills and jungles are laden with waterfalls, fast flowing river streams and elephant reserves. St. Martin’s Island, within the Chittagong Division, is the only coral island in the country.

How do I get to Sandwip?

If you want to visit Sandwip by road, ride any bus on the Chittagong Route from Sayedabad or Kallyanpur. Tell them to land you on the Kumira Stand where you can go to Kumira Stimer Ghat. Take the Rickshaw or Auto for reaching Kumira Ghat. You have to go by waterway in the Guptochora Ghat via Sandwip Channel.

What was the old name of Chittagong?

Chittagong was an important port city in the Kingdom of Mrauk U, after Arakan’s independence from the Bengal Sultanate. The Burmese tradition of the city’s etymology, is that an Arakanese king, invading in the 9th century, gave the city the name Tsit-ta-gung (to make war is improper).

Who is the famous person in Chittagong?

It had been an ocean port since the antiquated period. So many famous people of our country are from Chittagong. If we start talking about famous people from Chittagong we should start with our famous singer Ayuub Bacchu. One of the best guitarist, singer and composer is Ayub Bacchu.

What is the largest island in Bangladesh?

Bhola is the largest island in Bangladesh The area of Bhola is 3403.48 sq.km. Emerged in the estuary of Meghna 800 years ago, by the sediment bore by Ganges and Brahmaputra river system.

How is Sandwip connected to Chittagong original land?

It is supposed that Sandwip was connected with Chittagong original land and disconnected by natural disasters. Tansi reported on Lower Gangas (150) in which he included Sandwip. Sandwip is mentioned at The Baros Map (1560). Cesar Fredarich visited in Sandwip in 1565 and noted it as old island.

Where is Sandwip Channel in Bay of Bengal?

It is at the north-east side of the Bay of Bengal, near the main port city of Chittagong. It is bounded by Companiganj on the north, Bay of Bengal on the south, Sitakunda and Mirsharai, and Sandwip Channel on the east, Noakhali Sadar, Hatiya and Meghna estuary on the west.

How did the island Sandwip get its name?

There are several theories to the origin of the name Sandwip (pronounced Shondip) among the locals. Some say that 12 awlia from Baghdad travelling to Chittagong discovered this island in the middle of the ocean and found no people, so they defined it as “Shunno Dip” and which eventually became “Shondip”.

What is the population of Sandwip Upazila in India?

Also spelled Sandvip, the transliteration of the name would in fact be Shondip. It is part of the sub-district of Sandwip Upazila . It is at the estuary of the Meghna River on the Bay of Bengal and separated from the Chittagong coast by Sandwip Channel. It has a population of nearly 350,000.