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Why does my TV say u-verse TV is not available at this time?

Why does my TV say u-verse TV is not available at this time?

1) Restart Receiver Well, as the error message states, you need to restart your receiver once. This is something pretty basic, but you might be facing this problem on your AT U-verse service due to some bug or error and that can hinder your streaming experience on the TV.

Why is there a red light on my uverse box?

The power status lights on your Wi-Fi® gateway indicate: Green: The gateway is powered on. Red: The gateway or power supply may be malfunctioning. Try rebooting your gateway to fix it.

How do I restart my AT U-verse receiver?

Many receiver problems can be fixed by restarting your receiver. To do this, press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds. This takes 5-8 minutes and will impact any DVR recordings in progress. If you have multiple receivers, reboot your wireless gateway by unplugging it from its power source.

Why is my AT uverse not working?

Try this first. Restart your TV receiver by holding the POWER button down for 10 seconds then pressing it again to restart. This process takes 5-8 minutes and will impact any DVR recordings in progress. Restart your Wi-Fi® Gateway by removing the power cord for one minute then plugging it back in.

What to do when U verse is not working?

What does x8 mean on ATT Uverse?

That is a message that indicates that your system is having trouble communicating.

How do I fix the red light on my modem?

How to Fix a Red Light on a Modem

  1. Restart your router.
  2. Check your connections.
  3. Try a different cable or phone outlet.
  4. Try a different cable or phone cord.
  5. Check your internet credentials.
  6. Contact the manufacturer of your modem.
  7. Contact your ISP.

How do I fix AT red light?

How to fix the AT broadband red light?

  1. Check for service outages.
  2. Check the connections, especially the green DSL Broadband cable.
  3. Restart the gateway manually.
  4. Reset the modem to factory defaults.
  5. Use the myAT app or contact support.

What to do when U-verse is not working?

How do I reconnect my ATT U-verse?

Press the OK button on the front of the wireless TV receiver. Wait two minutes for the receiver and WAP to pair. After two minutes, the Link light on the front of the wireless TV receiver should be solid green. Following a successful pairing, unplug the wireless TV receiver and reconnect it at the desired location.

How do I fix my U-verse TV?

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your issue.

  1. Press Menu on the U-verse Remote Control.
  2. Scroll down to Help, then press OK.
  3. Select Information.
  4. Scroll to Troubleshoot & Resolve, then press OK.
  5. Select the area you want to troubleshoot.
  6. Allow the interactive diagnostic test to run and complete.

What does the gear mean on ATT Uverse?

If you see the gear or cog icon on your screen, it means that software is downloading to your system. Most downloads finish in less than an hour. If you’re seeing the icon for more than an hour, unplug the receiver and wait five minutes, plug it back in, and then restart.

Why does my U-verse TV have a red X on it?

A RED X on your TV screen caused by the U-verse receiver represents a boot failure, possible network issue, or hardware problem. It is recommended to check connections and attempt to power cycle the receiver by unplugging the power cord and plugging back in after 10 seconds.

Why do I get white dots on my DVR screen?

When three white dots appear on the screen, unplug the receiver/DVR again. Repeat this process two more times. Plug the receiver/DVR back in on the third time and leave in. Three white dots appear followed by a gear with a status bar at the bottom of the screen.

How do I set up my Uverse set top box?

1. Power down the router (unplug it) 2. Power down the uverse set to box (unplug it) 3. Disconnect all devices from the router including wireless devices. This includes phones and printers. Hint: disconnect your phone last: use Smart Home Manager to ensure all devices disconnect. 4. Power up the router 5. Power up the uverse set top box

Why do I get three dots on my TV screen?

Unplug your receiver and wait five minutes, plug it back in, and then restart. If you see three dots on your screen, it means your system is connecting. This screen should display for several seconds, followed by a blank screen displayed for several minutes as the process continues.