Why does my Bunn coffee maker keeps overflowing?

Why does my Bunn coffee maker keeps overflowing?

Not using the correct filter paper, broken spray head, improper grounds basket, inconsistent coffee, and an inadequate amount of water are a few reasons why the Bunn coffee maker overflows.

Why does my coffee maker overflow?

One of the biggest causes for overflowing coffee makers is a dirty brew basket—the outer plastic tray that holds your filter and coffee grinds in place. Give that a thorough scrub, making sure that water can flow through the basket at a good rate.

How do you adjust the water flow on a Bunn coffee maker?

Press the “Start” or “Brew” button once or twice for each two seconds less the machine should release water. Press and hold the button until three clicks are heard and release. This will decrease the amount of water released. This will change the amount only from this brewing.

How do you keep coffee grounds from overflowing?

Using too much coffee grounds may cause the coffeemaker to overflow. The filter may have become folded over. Make sure the filter is properly centered in the brew basket. Try wetting the edges to prevent filter collapse.

Why is my Bunn coffee maker overflowing?

When you start the brewer, the water will run for a set period of time and then shut off automatically. If the water pressure feeding into your coffee brewer is too high, you stand a chance of the coffee overflowing the pot before it automatically turns off.

What kind of coffee machine does Bunn make?

They make a wide selection of high-quality coffee machines for cafes, restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Like any piece of kitchen equipment, there are can be a few quirks that pop up over time. Fortunately, our Bunn commercial coffee maker troubleshooting tips can help you identify and solve whatever is ailing your machine.

How do you drain a Bunn coffee machine?

Draining is an essential part of this maintenance, and the actual process to drain your Bunn coffee maker is provided as follows. A. Start with opening the lid at the top of the coffee machine. The machine itself has to be handled with care, so try being a bit gentle while dealing with the device.

What should the water temperature be on a Bunn coffee maker?

Incorrect filter paper – Make sure you’re using the right type of filter paper. The machine should only be using Bunn OEM filter paper to keep the brewing process clean. Incorrect water temperature – When the unit is on, use a thermometer to see if the temperature is at 195° F or higher. Anything lower is incorrect during the brewing process.