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Why do the French say Bon Appetit?

Why do the French say Bon Appetit?

“Bon appétit!”—a phrase, originally from French, meaning “good appetite,” said to someone who is about to eat, meaning, “I hope you enjoy your food.” It made me think of our days in Morocco.

How do you respond to Bon Appetit in French?

If someone tells you Bon appétit ! you can answer Merci (= thank you) if they’re not eating as well (if they’re a waiter, for instance).

What does Bon In Bon Appetit mean?

good appetite
: good appetite : enjoy your meal.

What is the direct translation of Bon Appetit?

Bon appétit, pronounced bo na pay tee, is regarded all over the world as a polite wish to “have a good meal.” Oxford Dictionary calls it broadly “a salutation to a person about to eat.” The literal meaning, “good appetite,” has scant bearing on the intended wish; people these days place more importance on the quality …

Is it rude to say bon appétit?

According to etiquette expert and Plaza Hotel finishing school teacher Myka Meier, you shouldn’t be wishing guests “bon appétit” before they dig in. Apparently, Meier, who’s also the official etiquette partner for Downton Abbey (casual), says the French phrase is actually highly impolite.

Is it correct to say Bon Appetit?

The saying ‘bon appetit’ is French, and the correct pronunciation is bon appeti – the last ‘t’ is silent in the French.

What does bona mean in French?

adj. [qualification, charity] authentique. → We are happy to donate to bona fide charitable causes.

What can I say instead of Bon Appetit?

synonyms for bon appetit! chow down! eat hearty! eat up!

Do French actually say Bon Appetit?

“In France, ‘Bon appétit’ is not proper,” said Marie de Tilly, right, who teaches etiquette here. “When people use it, it sounds just like an invitation for a good digestion and suggests that you are so hungry that you may jump on any food that would cross your mouth.”

What is the difference between Bonjour and Bonne Journee?

Bonjour means “hello,” or “good morning,” or “good afternoon,” while bonne journée means “have a good day.” So if you ran into someone at the grocery store one morning you would say, “bonjour” when you saw them and then, “bonne journée” when you parted ways!

What does Bon Appetite mean in French?

Bon appétit is a French phrase which is usually said to someone before they begin eating a meal in order to tell them to enjoy their meal. The English translation for bon appétit literally means ‘enjoy your meal’.

Is the phrase bon apetit French or Italian?

The phrase “Bon appétit!” (buon appetito!) is French, and means “enjoy your meal.” It is surprisingly universal, and is understood in many languages around the world. We also provide translations of “Bon appétit!”

What is another word for Bon Appetit?

Synonyms for ‘bon appétit’: bless you, have a good/nice something, a plague on someone, may someone rest in peace, greeting, round robin, kissogram