Why did the Fine Bros lose subscribers?

Why did the Fine Bros lose subscribers?

Due to a controversy over an attempt to license and trademark the term “React”, as well as the names of their series, the React Media’s channels lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers in early 2016.

How many subscribers did the fine brothers lose?

2 Million
The Fine Brothers Backpedal After Losing 2 Million YouTube Subscribers. An apology post from the Fine Bros on Medium attempts to unfuck the cluster they made. Earlier today, we brought you the story of why the entire internet suddenly hates the Fine Bros.

Are the Fine Bros Cancelled?

Digital producer Fine Brothers Entertainment has canceled plans to trademark and license its React video franchise following a backlash from the YouTube community.

Is the react Channel dying?

The trademark and React World are dead.

Who created FBE?

Benny Fine
Rafi Fine

Why are the Fine Bros losing so many subscribers?

Tens of thousands of people also unsubscribed from their REACT channel as well. Update: They are on track to lose MORE subscribers today than yesterday. Lost Subscribers: The Fine Bros faced a huge backlash. (Photo: Socialblade) Someone even decided to make a LIVE STREAM of their plummeting subscriber numbers.

Is the Fine Bros going to take down their videos?

The Fine Bros said that they were not going to use the generic trademark to take down videos – but they still could, potentially. Because of this, a lawyer rallied Reddit to help stop the trademark from being published. The Fine Bros are often very vocal about other people “stealing” their reaction videos.

Who is Haley Hudson from the Fine Bros?

Haley Hudson Haley has appeared on College Kids React and Adults React. Her first appearance was in College Kids React To Jonas Brothers – Sucker.

Why did the Fine Brothers trademark the word react?

The Fine Brothers finally admitted that they applied for multiple trademarks, including one for the generic word “REACT”. However, they were unapologetic. They mentioned that they had a YouTube channel titled “REACT”. They said that the generic “REACT” trademark was a necessity to protect the channel from takeovers.