Why are my hands higher at impact?

Why are my hands higher at impact?

The lower the arm plane coming into impact, the less difference there is between the arm and clubhead plane and thus less droop/bow in the shaft. Thus, the higher the hands are positioned through impact the more the shaft tends to curve downward.

Are hands higher at impact than address?

At impact, your hands should return to the same place they were at address—no lower (as in closer to your body) and no higher (as in farther away from your body). Having your hands higher at impact than they were at address.

What do the hands do at impact in the golf swing?

At impact, the hands will return to “normal” which is what it looked like at set up. The only difference is your left knuckles begin facing up at set up and the knuckles point downward at impact, without opening the clubface. If you slice the ball, do not try and press your hands forward at set up or impact.

Where should hands be on downswing?

It’s important that the club head lags behind your hands on the downswing. This hand position allows the clubhead to compress the ball, according to golf instructor Rob Akins. He recommends that golfers focus on keeping their hands in front of the club head through and past the impact zone.

How close should hands be to body on downswing?

Your hands should hang between your feet, about level with your toes, and in front of the zipper on your trousers (which moved towards the target when you shifted your hips to tilt your spine) — see Figures 1 and 4.

How do you release the hands through impact?

Swing your right arm to the top and back to the position at setup as if you were simulating a downswing. Slap your left hand over so that its palm faces up. Its knuckles should face the ground. That’s the proper release through impact.

What happens if I stand too close to the golf ball?

Standing too close to the golf ball will result in incorrect posture, which in turn results in inconsistent hits and inaccurate hits. Standing too close can result in a shank or a slice, depending on the posture of the player.

Should hands be ahead of the ball at address?

At address, your hands should be slightly in front of the ball – exactly where you want them to return when you make contact. If it is cupped at address, you’ll be more likely to flip your wrists in the downswing and scoop the ball instead of hitting down.

Should hands be behind ball with driver?

To also check that your hand position is correct, your hands should be ever so slightly behind the ball, and in some cases just about even with it.

Why are the hands at the top of the swing?

As a full-time golf instructor for the last 27 years, I have seen a many swing theories come and go, but one thing has come full circle: hand position at the top of the swing. When I was first starting out, golf was just coming out of the high-hands phase; from the Jack Nicklaus era and into the more-rounded swings of the Nick Faldo-era.

Who are some famous golfers with high hands?

When I was first starting out, golf was just coming out of the high-hands phase; from the Jack Nicklaus era and into the more-rounded swings of the Nick Faldo-era. And most recently, Brandel Chamblee has been a very sound advocate of teaching higher hands to the players of today, citing examples of Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day.

How are the arms working in a golf swing?

Alistair Davies shares with you how to get the arms working correctly and efficiently in the transition area of the golf swing. This will add power and also allow you to find the slot in the downswing. A real game-changer!

Who is the best player with a high swing?

Justin Thomas hits it high,long and is great out of the rough… and..has an upright swing, like Dustin Johnson, Spieth,- and Woods at his best, yet player after player after player comes on tour with a flat swings.. why? The next coach to make a player more upright is a genius. pic.twitter.com/NlJ1Scn2hk

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