Who won the latest ITV competition?

Who won the latest ITV competition?

Phillip Schofield was left in shock after a competition winner was audibly unimpressed by being handed a £1,000 cash prize on The Morning. During Monday’s episode of the ITV daytime show, a caller named Janette from Manchester was revealed as the winner of the contest.

What are TV competition winners?

Competition Winners

  • A Gallagher – A pair of tickets to the TV Times Carol Concert. “A Gallagher i have just won 2tickets for tv times carol concert and would like to say fantastic news,cant wait,should be a marvellous night”
  • A Coleman – A Trip to Emmerdale.
  • J Marks – Weekend break.

Does anyone actually win ITV competitions?

Absolutely! Although the prize draws get thousands of entries, it is possible to win with a postcard. SuperLucky reader Andrea had a £15,000 cash win, and Compers News magazine readers have also reported winning big prizes with postal entries.

Where can I find the latest TV competitions?

Find all the latest ITV competitions from such as Good Morning Britain & This Morning competition, Dickinson’s Real Deal competition, Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), Loose Women and many more. Plus we will bring you UK competitions from the other TV channels such as The Gadget Show competition.

How does the winner of a TV competition get selected?

All tv competitions use a prize draw for selecting a winner. All entries (paid and free) are placed into a draw and the winner is selected at random. Paid do not have increased odds of winning. The draw to select winners usually take place 1 week after the closing date.

What kind of prizes do they have on TV?

TV Competitions. Competitions broadcast during TV programmes often have incredible prizes bundles to suit any taste, whether they be large amounts of cash, luxury holidays, exotic cars or the latest gifts and gadgets. Listed below are the prize draws that have featured on popular TV shows from ITV, Channel4 and Channel5.

Are there any competitions on ITV or Channel 5?

Win ITV Competitions! Listed below are all the current competitions featured on popular ITV and Channel 5 shows: This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Loose Women and more! Competitions broadcast during the daytime TV shows have incredible prizes bundles to suit any taste.