Who sang on a slow boat to China?

Who sang on a slow boat to China?

Dee Dee Bridgewater
(I’d Like to Get You on A) Slow Boat to China/Artists

What does the expression slow boat to China mean?

“I’d like to get you on a slow boat to China” was a well-known phrase among poker players, referring to a person who lost steadily and handsomely. Loesser moved the phrase to a more romantic setting, yet it eventually entered general parlance to mean anything that takes an extremely long time.

Where did the saying slow boat to China come from?

Composer Frank Loesser used the phrase as the title and the first line of a 1948 romantic ballad, and the expression started being used as a compliment. See also: on a slow boat to China. up and coming.

When did the song Slow Boat to China come out?

(I’d Like to Get You on A) Slow Boat to China/Released

Who wrote slow boat to China?

Frank Loesser
(I’d Like to Get You on A) Slow Boat to China/Lyricists

What is the origin of Chinese whispers?

Origin: The notion of “Chinese whispers” stems from a racist idea in the 1800s that Chinese people spoke in a way that was deliberately unintelligible. It associates the Chinese language with “confusion” and “incomprehensibility”. Now, the game is more commonly referred to as “the telephone game” in the United States.

How long is a boat ride to China?

The amount of time it takes for a cargo ship to travel between China and the United States depends on the exact route and the speed of the ship. In most cases, these journeys take between two weeks and a month to complete.

How long is a cruise to China?

Most of these cruises are two weeks long, though you can find shorter versions. Look for overnights in the major cities to maximize your time in places like Shanghai, Hong Kong or Beijing.

Can I sail to China?

In most cases, you’ll need a visa. Cruise passengers can stay up to 144 hours in Shanghai and some surrounding areas without needing a visa. They can also visit Tianjin (the port for Beijing) for 72 hours — but beware — you can’t go into Beijing without a visa, since that’s a different administrative area.

How long did it take to sail from California to China?

At an average speed of 16 knots it will take 347.8 hrs or 14.5 days. A time of between 9 to 15 days would be expected to have been spent at sea.

What does on a slow boat to China mean?

A very long time. A poker players’ expression for a player who constantly lost was “I’d like to get you on a slow boat to China,” meaning that the others would have all the time in the world to win the guy’s money.

Is there a way to get from USA to China by boat?

I guess it will be a “Slow Boat to China.” Forgive me, had to say it…. Benton, Arkansas… 8. Re: HELP! Is there a way to get from USA to China by boat/train? That’s cool I think if we go through Alaska, he may just stay there. I have a year to figure it out. I just wanted to make sure it could be done. San Francisco… 9. Re: HELP!

Who was the original singer of on a slow boat to China?

Frank Loesser. “On A Slow Boat to China” is a popular song by Frank Loesser, published in 1948. The song is a well-known pop standard, recorded by many artists, including a duet between Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby (for their album Fancy Meeting You Here (1958)), Ella Fitzgerald, Joni James, Jimmy Buffett, Fats Domino and Liza Minnelli.

Is the slow boat to China for Southgate?

WHETHER you take the slow boat to China for the pork, or a fast 747 to Chicago for the gamey starter, one thing is for sure – these dishes are designed to impress. But it could be the slow boat to China for Southgate after an extension of Boro’s alarming slump to just three points from a possible 21.