Who prepared 12th five year plan?

Who prepared 12th five year plan?

Hear this out loudPause12th Five Year Plan of the Government of India (2012–17) was India’s last Five Year Plan. With the deteriorating global situation, the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia has said that achieving an average growth rate of 8 per cent in the next five years is not possible.

When did China announce its 5 year plan?

Hear this out loudPauseThe Five-Year Plans (simplified Chinese: 五年计划; traditional Chinese: 五年計劃; pinyin: Wǔnián Jìhuà) are a series of social and economic development initiatives issued by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since 1953 in the People’s Republic of China.

What are the 12 Five-Year Plans?


  • First Plan (1951–1956)
  • Second Plan (1956–1961)
  • Third Plan (1961–1966)
  • Plan Holidays (1966–1969)
  • Fourth Plan (1969–1974)
  • Fifth Plan (1974–1978)
  • Rolling Plan (1978–1980)
  • Was China first five-year plan successful?

    Hear this out loudPauseIn China, the first Five-Year Plan (1953–57) stressed rapid industrial development, with Soviet assistance; it proved highly successful.

    What is the 5 year plan in Russia?

    Hear this out loudPauseIn the Soviet Union, the first Five-Year Plan (1928–32), implemented by Joseph Stalin, concentrated on developing heavy industry and collectivizing agriculture, at the cost of a drastic fall in consumer goods. The second plan (1933–37) continued the objectives of the first.

    What did China do in the 12th Five Year Plan?

    Backgrounder: China’s 12th Five-Year Plan 1 INTRODUCTION China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (FYP), released in March 2011, attempts to restructure the Chinese economy by encouraging domestic consumption, developing the service sector, shifting to higher value-added manufacturing, conserving energy, and cleaning up the environment.

    Why was the 11th Five Year Plan changed?

    In order to more accurately reflect China’s transition from a Soviet -style command economy to a socialist market economy ( socialism with Chinese characteristics ), the name of the 11th five-year program of 2006 to 2010 was changed to “guideline” ( simplified Chinese: 规划; traditional Chinese: 規劃;

    How often does the Chinese government introduce circular economy?

    China is constantly introducing new legislation to improve the effectiveness of their circular economy and sustainability initiatives. Every five years the Chinese Government introduces a new five-year plan, with different sustainability goals and economic growth targets the country would like to achieve.

    What was the industrial policy of the 12th year plan?

    Three key aspects of the 12thFYP‘s industrial policy are (1) a focus on scientific development, (2) government support for seven ―strategic emerging industries‖, and (3) construction of transportation and energy infrastructure.