Who owns music direct?

Who owns music direct?

president Jim Davis
Music Direct also specializes in those hard-to-find items that only an audiophile would love, such as an antistatic gun for removing dust from vinyl records. The company is owned by president Jim Davis.

Does music direct charge for preorders?

MD sends partial orders without added expense, allows discounts on pre-orders, and doesn’t charge until item is shipped.

Does Music Direct ship to Canada?

No, Music Direct does not offer international shipping.

How do I cancel a direct order?

How do I cancel an order? Hi there, at the present moment, the only way to cancel an order is to call in or send an e-mail to our customer service staff, contact info is below.

Why are music direct customer service reviews so bad?

This type of behavior will deter new and existing customer from purchasing with the company, and the sad part about this bad experience is that the company gets another bad review which hurts the company more than the sales guy Josh. I placed two orders of vinyls.

What do you need to know about music direct?

Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. Music Direct is an online retail establishment. We sell high end audio gear and over 11,000 LP titles. audio gear or pick up an order. Come say hello!… How is this business handling reopening?

Is it safe to use MusicDirect in Singapore?

Have been using MusicDirect for a while now and must say they have been just fantastic. Living in Singapore didn’t present any challenges and all my shipments of vinyl have arrived safely and perfectly.

Do you have to pay for music direct shipping?

Music Direct will not charge additional shipping for any back orders items. Orders will be held to ship all back ordered items together when they are all received in stock. Please Note: Orders that are less than $99 are not guaranteed to ship via FedEx. The ground shipping method used will be determined at Music Direct’s discretion.