Who makes the WWE title belts?

Who makes the WWE title belts?

Dave Millican
Meet Dave Millican, the champion of championship belt making. Millican has been making belts for WWE for the past six years, but he also works with a number of other smaller wrestling and mixed martial arts organizations. Watch the video above to learn more about Millican’s story.

Who has the 24/7 belt in WWE?

The current champion is Reggie from Raw, who is in his first reign. The title was unveiled by Mick Foley on the May 20, 2019 episode of Monday Night Raw, where Titus O’Neil from Raw became the inaugural champion. It is similar to the previous WWE Hardcore Championship, which also had a 24/7 rule.

What belt does Daniel Bryan have?

WWE Championship leather belt
Daniel Bryan has binned the WWE Championship leather belt in favour of a new eco-friendly title. Speaking at Tuesday’s Smackdown Live, the wrestler unveiled the new belt in front of fans. WWE says it is made from 100% sustainable organic hemp and carved from a naturally-fallen oak.

Do wrestlers keep their belts?

Boxers strive to win the belt of all four organizations to unify their weight divisions. Champions maintain permanent possession of these belts even upon losing their title, with a new belt made when a new champion is crowned.

Who has won the most 24/7 championships?

Ever since the 24/7 title was first introduced, R-Truth’s interest in it was evident. The superstar currently has the highest number of reigns with the title by far. R-Truth has won the 24/7 Championship a total of 52 times, as recognized by WWE.

What’s the name of the WWE Championship belt?

The Big Gold Belt is probably the most iconic championship wrestling belt, so much so that when WCW closed, the WWE continued to use updated versions of it on their TV shows, pay-per-views, and Network specials until its retirement.

Where does championship belt maker Dave come from?

He’s graciously opened his home to me for an interview, and I fought Birmingham traffic and slow-moving 18-wheelers on I-65 for two hours to find his home here in rural Tennessee, a hard baseball throw from the Alabama state line. It was worth it!

Where does NWA Tag Team Championship belt come from?

An original NWA world tag team championship belt, its blue leather so dark from age and use that it’s easily mistaken for black, sits on a chair from the legendary Memphis Coliseum. There’s also an NWA world title–the fabled ‘Domed Globe’–used in the early days of TNA.

Who is the best belt maker in the world?

Dave Millican is the premier championship belt maker in the world. Name a famous professional wrestler, and the odds are that Millican — or his mentor, Reggie Parks — has made one of the titles you’ve seen that wrestler wear on TV.