Who makes the best HO slot car track?

Who makes the best HO slot car track?

The premier HO slot car brand is AFX, which offers the best mass produced track system and cars. AFX has the widest selection of track pieces to make a track layout up to 8 lanes wide. It’s easy to get started, just pick the AFX race set that best fits your budget and then expand to your heart’s content.

Are slot cars interchangeable?

Digital 143 The good news is that standard track pieces are universal, so the majority of a GO!!! setup will be ready to go should you decide to upgrade to Digital 143. The benefit of Carrera’s digital sets is that it supports up to three cars at once and allows for lane switching.

What’s the name of the AFX Slot car?

1pc TOMY Aurora AFX HO Slot Car LONG LEAD PLUG IN CONTROLLER Unused Bulk AW too! Only 1 left!

Which is the best free race track design software?

Ultimate Racer is yet another free race track planning software for Windows. It lets you design different styles of race tracks including Airfix, Tyco HO, Tomy AFX, SXR 1/24, SXR1/24+, SXR 1/32, STABO, Polistil, SCX Compact, Ninco 1:32, Aurora AFX, etc.

Are there any programs for slot track designer?

There are a number of different slot track designer programs available today. In addition to those, we have archived some older programs that no longer can be found elsewhere. While some programs are still supported by their software developer, others are not. In addition, a number of programs no longer have a website or any information available.

How can I design my own race track?

While designing a race track, you can also assign it a category as Basic Packs, DTM, Formula 1, GT, etc. To begin, enter a name for your race track and click on Add button. The window to design a race track is then opened. Now, select the type of race track and click on Add Track Section button provided on the toolbar.