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Who licenses doctors in Massachusetts?

Who licenses doctors in Massachusetts?

the Board of Registration in Medicine
In order to provide patient care and practice medicine in the state of Massachusetts, a physician must be licensed through the Board of Registration in Medicine (BRM) and comply with the 243 CMR 2.00: Licensing and the Practice of Medicine requirements and regulations.

How do I verify a Massachusetts medical license?


  1. Visit the Massachusetts Health Professions License Verification site.
  2. Select the profession.
  3. Search by license number or last name for the best search results. Spell the name of the health professional or entity correctly as it appears on their license.

How do I report a doctor in Massachusetts?

To file a complaint against a Massachusetts doctor, you will need to contact the state’s medical board at 781.876. 8200.

How long does it take to get a Massachusetts medical license?

A: The average length of time for processing a full license is approximately 16 weeks. Applications that have malpractice, competency or legal issues will require more time to process.

How do I find out if a doctor has complaints?

To find information about a doctor, the best place to start is your state medical board’s license lookup page. Each state has a different process for looking up doctors and getting disciplinary records, if there are any.

How do I find out if someone has a medical degree?

Go to the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) website to check the basics with their search function. You will find the doctor’s board certifications, education, states with active licenses, and any actions against the physician.

What does MA stand for doctor?

Medical assistant
Medical assistant (MA) salary and outlook.

What to do if a doctor mistreats you?

How to File a Complaint with the Medical Board

  1. Call to have a Complaint Form mailed to you either through the toll-free line (1-800-633-2322) or by calling (916) 263-2424, OR.
  2. Use the On-line Complaint Form, OR.
  3. Download and Print a Complaint Form.

What is unethical behavior for a doctor?

According to a Medscape study, doctors themselves described what they considered to be unethical behavior that can occur in their practice. This includes the following: Withholding treatment to meet budgetary or insurance policy concerns. “Upcoding” to secure patient treatment from an insurer.

Which state is the easiest to get a medical license?

The easiest states for medical licensure are based on the following criteria….With those criteria in mind, our Locum Leaders recruitment experts agree that, currently, the easiest medical licensing states are:

  • Connecticut.
  • Indiana.
  • Michigan.
  • Georgia.
  • Tennessee.
  • Maine.
  • Nebraska.
  • New Hampshire.

Can I practice medicine without board certification?

While board certification is not required to practice medicine, it is a valuable tool for determining the expertise and experience of a physician in a particular field of medicine. Every physician is required to be licensed to practice medicine in the state they work.

How do you check a doctor’s performance?

How to research a surgeon

  1. Confirm state credentials. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) can tell you if the surgeon is licensed in your state.
  2. Confirm surgical certification.
  3. Uncover professional reprimands.
  4. Check ratings, number of procedures performed and complication rates.

Where is the Massachusetts Department of Correction located?

DOC Headquarters 50 Maple Street, Milford, MA 01757

What is the Daily covid-19 for Ma Doc?

The MA DOC Daily COVID-19 Dashboard includes testing information by location for MA DOC inmates. This data includes the institution where inmate is housed on testing date along with the respective city/town and county of the housing institution; the count of positive and negative cases, the count of deaths, and demographic information.

How to find a doctor on the Board of registration?

Enter search criteria to find physician’s profile. You may search by Name, Specialty, License Number or ZIP Code. Enter as little or as much information as you know to find a physician or group of physicians, then click on “Find Physician.”.