Who killed their dad in Waterloo Road?

Who killed their dad in Waterloo Road?

Lindsay was found guilty with the murder of her father (of which her mother was on trial for), Tony James, in Series 5 Episode 9 after covering it up because her mother told her to.

What happened to Kim’s baby in Waterloo Road?

In Ep18, Kim gave birth to her son by an emergency C-section. In Ep19, Kim is stressed from the baby so when Chris wants to be with her she is tired. She says its isn’t right, Chris changing her baby’s nappies when they haven’t even been out on a date! She breaks up with him.

What happens in series 7 of Waterloo Road?

Jez and Sian plan a dinner party for the staff, but are shocked when Jez’s estranged children arrive. At the school, Michael clashes with Grantly and Matt and Scout bond over guitar lessons. Michael also attempts to reunite the Taylors with their father, and Vicki decides to re-take her science A-Levels.

How did Denzil died?

As the group took photos at the Scottish boarder, a drunk lorry driver ran into them and Denzil tragically died in the accident….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Denzil Kelly
Cause/Reason Died after being hit by a drunk lorry driver on the England-Scotland border
Born 1997
Died 2012
Occupation Student

Who died in the first episode of Waterloo Road?

Adam Deardon
Adam Deardon was a pupil at Waterloo Road in the first episode. He is the twin brother of Yasmin Deardon, who was very upset after her brother’s death….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Adam Deardon
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Cause/Reason Killed in a limousine crash caused by Donte Charles and Chlo Grainger

Why did Steph Haydock leave Waterloo Road?

However, she was later made Financial Director. In Episode 19, she was removed from the role of Finance Director after using sexual harassment as a means of getting money for the school.

Why did Jenna Coleman leave Waterloo Road?

In the 2014 Christmas special episode “Last Christmas”, it was revealed that Coleman would remain in the role of Clara for Series 9. However, the ninth series was her last, as Coleman had decided to leave the show to take on a role as Queen Victoria in an ITV production.

Why did Andrew leave Waterloo?

Andrew resigned from Waterloo Road, to become an Education Leader and Headteacher to a school in Rwanda.

Who is Grace’s dad in Waterloo Road?

Grace Medar (also Campbell) was the adoptive daughter of Kim Campbell.

What happens to Trudi in Waterloo Road?

Trudi grew up in the shadow of her wayward brother Tariq….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Trudi Siddiqui
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Finished school and moved to Canada to work in hotel management with her boyfriend, Finn Sharkey.
Mother Samia Siddqui (Deceased)

Why did Waterloo Road move to Scotland?

The move is part of the BBC’s attempt to increase network programming from Scotland. Viewers will see the ‘dramatic and explosive’ storyline played out in early 2012, with the final Rochdale episodes filmed in October.

How many episodes are there in Waterloo Road?

The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, a troubled Scottish comprehensive school. It consists of twenty episodes. This series also marks the departure of Grantly Budgen, the last of the original cast members.

Who are the characters in Waterloo Road Series 7?

Pupils 1 Reece Douglas as Denzil Kelly (29 episodes) 2 Millie Katana as Shona Mansfield (29 episodes) 3 Darcy Isa as Lauren Andrews (28 episodes) 4 Hope Katana as Rhona Mansfield (28 episodes) 5 Jack McMullen as Finn Sharkey (28 episodes) 6 William Rush as Josh Stevenson (25 episodes) 7 Shannon Flynn as Emily James (24 episodes)

Who are the teachers in Waterloo Road Series 9?

Sue Spark joins the school as a Science teacher, and Simon harbours a secret. Note: First appearance of Lenny & Lisa Brown, Darren Hughes, Sue Spark, Shaznay Montrose, and Archie Wong. The day from hell for new science teacher, Sue Spark, leads to a shady alliance with a student.

What happens to Nikki and Connor in Waterloo Road?

Nikki’s future at Waterloo Road is suddenly thrown into uncertainty. Connor returns to support a vulnerable Christine amid the fallout of her drink-driving incident. Though she vows to make amends, both the school and the Education Board are divided on her future at Waterloo Road, and Simon is made Acting Head by Robert Bain.