Who is the singer for Til Tuesday?

Who is the singer for Til Tuesday?

Robert Holmes
‘Til Tuesday/Singers

Who plays Voices Carry?

‘Til Tuesday
Voices Carry/Artists

What happened to Cully Holland?

Cully Holland died of AIDS on 29 July 29 1991, aged 33, in Sacramento, California.

What year was Til Tuesday Voices Carry?

Voices Carry/Released

Is voices carry a one hit wonder?

“Voices Carry” became the band’s highest charting single and their only top ten hit in the U.S., peaking at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100….Voices Carry.

“Voices Carry”
Length 4:20
Label Epic
Songwriter(s) Robert Holmes Aimee Mann Michael Hausman Joey Pesce
Producer(s) Mike Thorne

Who wrote the song voices carry?

Aimee Mann
Michael HausmanRobert HolmesJoey Pesce
Voices Carry/Composers

What happened to til Tuesday?

‘Til Tuesday broke up in 1990 when Mann left to start her solo career. Mann said in 2018: “[‘Til Tuesday] were sort of doing, like, post-new-wave dance-pop stuff I started to feel like it was not really my thing. Acoustic guitar music was what I was more influenced by and what came naturally to me.”

Is Til Tuesday a one hit wonder?

‘Til Tuesday was a one-hit wonder band that formed in Boston in 1982. Aimee Mann, the lead singer, completely captured the New Wave style at the time, with their big hit Voices Carry gaining a mass audience and landing at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Who was Voices Carry written about?

One claim says that an argument between Michael Hausman and bandmate/former girlfriend Aimee Mann inspired the song’s lyrics, but producer Mike Thorne disputes this and states the lyrics originally had Mann singing to another woman and that the gender was changed due to pressure from Epic Records.

Did Aimee Mann Write Voices Carry?

Is Til Tuesday still a band?

‘Til Tuesday (often written as ’til tuesday) was an American new wave and alternative rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts, United States….

‘Til Tuesday
Genres New wave
Years active 1982–1989
Labels Epic
Past members Aimee Mann Robert Holmes Joey Pesce Michael Hausman

Who is the actor in the Voices Carry video?

Theme / Concept. Video. Voices Carry was filmed at Dorchester’s Strand Theater, in Boston, and includes dialogue. The plot centers around the band’s lead singer, Aimee Mann , who appears as a musician with a violent boyfriend, played by actor Cully Holland.

What are the lyrics to Voices Carry?

Voices Carry Lyrics – ‘Til Tuesday. I’m in the dark, I’d like to read his mind. But I’m frightened of the things I might find. Oh, there must be something he’s thinking of. To tear him away. When I tell him that I’m falling in love.

What is the meaning of the song Voices Carry?

“Voices Carry” was recorded in 1985 at RPM Sound Studios in New York. The song is about past sour relationships, and was originally written and sung by Aimee Mann as to a woman.