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Who is the owner of Bay Marine Subic?

Who is the owner of Bay Marine Subic?

In Photo: Robert Gonzaga (second from left) is the first Filipino CEO of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc., the operator of Ocean Adventure.

Can we enter Subic now?

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT, Philippines — Leisure travelers from Metro Manila and its four neighboring provinces, collectively called National Capital Region (NCR) Plus, have been allowed to visit attractions inside this free port in Zambales as restrictions for tourism had been eased, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority ( …

Is the US Navy back in Subic Bay?

Naval Base Subic Bay was a major ship-repair, supply, and rest and recreation facility of the Spanish Navy and subsequently the United States Navy located in Zambales, Philippines….

U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay
Fate Decommissioned in 1992

Is Subic safe?

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT: Subic remains a safe and peaceful destination for both business and leisure, a top official of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) said on Saturday.

Can we enter Zambales?

For Zambales, you’re required to present a negative RT-PCR test upon arrival. Fortunately, visitors are given two testing options: Get tested at least 48 hours before your visit to the province, and you must get tested at an accredited lab. Or, you can take an RT-PCR Test at the Border of Zambales.

Can I enter Zambales?

Can I travel under MECQ?

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Sunday said “consumer” Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs) in Metro Manila will still not be allowed to travel outside of their respective city or municipality during the enforcement of the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ).

Is Manila Bay a sea?

Manila Bay, bay of the South China Sea extending into southwestern Luzon, Philippines. Almost completely landlocked, it is considered one of the world’s great harbours and has an area of 770 square miles (2,000 square km) with a 120-mile (190-km) circumference.

How do I get from Manila to Subic Bay?


  1. Whether you are coming from NAIA or any point in Metro Manila, travel to Victory Liner Bus Terminal. You can go to Pasay, Cubao or Caloocan terminal.
  2. Get on a Victory Liner bus bound for Olongapo. The fare is P230-290.
  3. From Olongapo, you can ride a jeepney or taxi to Subic/SBFZ.

How long is the bus ride from Manila to Zambales?

Is there a direct bus between Manila and Zambales? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Manila Sampaloc and arriving at Iba. Services depart every four hours, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 5h.

Do I need a travel pass going to Pangasinan?

“All persons, except APORs traveling to Pangasinan, must secure their corresponding permits from the S-PASS Travel Management System at https://s-pass.ph, and present negative RT-PCR or rapid antigen test at the border checkpoints, and when required by the LGU of destination,” he said.

What is the mission of the Subic Bay Marines?

The mission of the Subic Bay Marines is to perpetuate memories of our duty in the Philippines and to foster camaraderie among Subic Bay Marines at an annual reunion. The Subic Bay Marines will serve as a role model for all Marines, past, present and future.

Where are the Marine Barracks in Subic Bay?

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Who is the owner of Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay?

Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc., a Philippine Corporation, has owned and operated Ocean Adventure for the past 18 years. Ocean Adventure is the first open-water marine theme park in Southeast Asia. We pride ourselves on being leaders in animal care and welfare.