Who is the MC of chaos head?

Who is the MC of chaos head?

Takumi Nishijou
Takumi Nishijou (西條 拓巳, Nishijō Takumi) is the main protagonist of Chaos;Head. Takumi lives his life as a shut-in student in a metal container, where he spends most of his time playing the MMORPG ESO.

Does Chaos Head have an anime?

Chaos;Head (Japanese: カオスヘッド, Hepburn: Kaosu Heddo, stylized as ChäoS;HEAd) is a 2008 anime television series created by Madhouse based on 5pb. It is set in Shibuya, Tokyo, and follows Takumi Nishijo, a high school student who develops paranoia and delusions after having witnessed one of a series of murders.

How many endings does chaos head have?

Chaos;Head is a linear story with no heroine routes. There are 3 endings: A, AA, and B. A and AA are based on your choices at the end of the game. B is only playable on a subsequent playthrough after completing A or AA and requires you to trigger specific delusions.

Is Chaos head related to Steins Gate?

Relation to Steins;Gate Chaos;Head takes place in the same universe as the of the rest of the entries in the Science Adventure Series. Its expanded re-release, Chaos;Head NoAH, retcons the year the story takes place in to 2009, one year before the events of Steins;Gate.

Is Chaos Head Noah in English?

It has only been released in Japanese, and unlike the original ChäoS;HEAd, there is no good English fan translation patch currently available. It has superseded the original ChäoS;HEAd as the canonical version of the first official game in Mages/5pb.’s Science Adventure Series.

Who dies chaos head?

(It turns out to be a nurse named Hazuki Shino, a woman who Takumi has been talking to throughout the game online using the name “Grim.”) This major fight causes a huge earthquake in Shibuya, which is mentioned in Chaos;Child as a catalyst for the events of that game. After the earthquake is over, Shogun dies.

Who is the killer in chaos child?

It is later revealed that the true perpetrators behind the murders were Serika Onoe and Wataru Sakuma, though it’s not known how many other people were involved besides Shinji and Sakuma’s doctor friend.

Is Chaos HEAd Noah in English?

Do you have to play chaos HEAd before chaos child?

While Chaos;Child takes place in the same setting as Chaos;Head did, it’s now 6 years later and focuses on an entirely new cast of characters. All-in-all, you don’t need any knowledge of the previous game in order to play Chaos;Child.

Is chaos child and chaos HEAd the same?

Chaos;Child (stylized as ChäoS;Child) is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. It is the fourth main entry in the Science Adventure series, and a thematic sequel to Chaos;Head (2008).

How long does Chaos Head take?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 25 24h 43m
Main + Extras 16 24h
Completionists 17 32h 13m
All PlayStyles 58 26h 43m

Is there a TV series called Chaos Head?

Chaos;Head (TV series) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chaos;Head (Japanese: カオスヘッド, Hepburn: Kaosu Heddo, stylized as ChäoS;HEAd) is a 2008 anime television series created by Madhouse based on 5pb. and Nitroplus ‘s video game of the same name, and is part of the Science Adventure franchise.

Are there further endings in Chaos Head Noah?

In the updated version of the game, Chaos;Head Noah, further endings are possible to reach, also by choosing what delusions to experience.

When does Chaos ; Head Love Chu Chu come out?

The anime is licensed by Funimation, and was released in North America in a combined DVD/Blu-ray box set on November 29, 2011. Two video games based on Chaos;Head have been made: the romantic comedy spin-off Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu! and the thematic sequel Chaos;Child.

When did the first episode of Chaos Come Out?

Casey Brienza, Carlo Santos, Carl Kimlinger and Theron Martin at Anime News Network (ANN) reviewed the first episode as part of a “fall 2008 anime preview guide”.