Who is the husband of Geethu Mohandas?

Who is the husband of Geethu Mohandas?

Rajeev Ravim. 2009
Geetu Mohandas/Husband
Geetu Mohandas married popular cinematographer Rajeev Ravi in 2009. The couple has a daughter named, Aradhana. Interestingly her husband Rajeev has been the cinematographer for her two movies Liar’s Dice and Moothon.

How old is Geethu Mohandas?

40 years (June 8, 1981)
Geetu Mohandas/Age

What is the age of Manju Warrier?

43 years (September 10, 1978)
Manju Warrier/Age

What is the age of Poornima Indrajith?

42 years (December 13, 1978)
Poornima Indrajith/Age

What is the age of Biju Menon?

51 years (September 9, 1970)
Biju Menon/Age

How much does Manju Warrier get paid?

Manju Warrier Having acted in a number of movies and also working as a brand ambassador for many companies, she is one of the highest paid actresses of Mollywood. If sources are to be believed, she charges Rs. 50 to 75 lakhs for a film and Rs. 1 crore for endorsing brands.

How did Manju Warrier lose weight?

According to the reports, for a movie Jo and the Boy, Manju shed 10 Kilos to don a look of a 20-year-old girl. The Jo and the Boy actress loves dancing, yoga and makes sure she does it daily as a workout. Her love for dance is also well documented.

Who is indrajith sister?

Priya Mohan
Poornima Indrajith/Sisters
Poornima Indrajith also has a younger sister named Priya Mohan, who is also an uprising actress working in Tollywood film industry. maam sucess start from show Trivandrum fav show in Kerala. She has a sister Priya Mohan, who is also an actress.

Is Navya Nair is divorced?

As of September 2021, she has acted in over 51 films….

Navya Nair
Spouse(s) Santhosh Menon ​ ( m. 2010)​
Children 1

What is the real name of Navya Nair?

Dhanya Nair
Navya Nair/Full name

Who is the father of Geetu Mohandas daughter?

On 14 November 2009, she married cinematographer Rajeev Ravi. The couple have a daughter, Aradhana. Geetu Mohandas is an Indian film actress and director known for her works in Malayalam cinema and Bollywood. She was born as Gayathri to Mohandas and Latha on June 8, 1981 at Ernakulam. She has a brother, Arjun.

Where does Geetu Mohandas live in the world?

Moothon had its World premiere at Toronto International film festival in 2019 and was the opening film at MAMI 2019. She was born as Gayatri Das to Mohandas and Latha on 8 June 1981 at Kochi. Studied in India, Malaysia and Canada. She has a brother, Dr. Arjun Das, nephrologist, living in US.

How old was Geetu Mohandas when she started acting?

Affectionately called Geetu by her family, the name was adopted as her screen name when she starred in her fourth movie Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare in 1986 with Mohanlal in the lead role. Geetu was five years old then and captured the hearts of Malayalam filmgoers as a fatherless child who discovers a father in an anonymous telephone caller.

Who is Geetu Mohandas in Nala Damayanthi?

Geetu Mohandas is a Malayalam actress who acted alongside Madhavan in Nala Damayanthi. She has acted in several other Malayalam films. Geetu’s actual name is Gayathri Mohandas.