Who is the creator of the ballet Coppelia?

Who is the creator of the ballet Coppelia?

Coppélia, considered one of the greatest comic ballets of the 19th Century, has remained one of the best-loved classical works in the ballet repertory. Originally choreographed by Arthur St. Léon in 1870, restaged by Petipa in 1884, and revised by Cecchetti in 1894, it has been performed regularly since then.

What kind of choreography did Petipa use in Coppelia?

Petipa’s choreography was documented in the Stepanov method of choreographic notation at the turn of the 20th century. These notations were later used to stage the St. Petersburg version for such companies as the Vic-Wells Ballet (precursor of today’s Royal Ballet). Dr. Coppélius is a doctor who has made a life-size dancing doll.

How old was Delibes when he wrote Coppelia?

Delibes achieved true fame in 1870 with the success of his ballet Coppélia; its title referred to a mechanical dancing doll that distracts a village swain from his beloved and appears to come to life. His other ballet is Sylvia(1876). Never in robust health, Delibes died little more than a month before his 55th birthday.

Who was the original dancer for Coppelia by George Balanchine?

In 1974, George Balanchine choreographed a version of Coppélia for the New York City Ballet. He was assisted by Alexandra Danilova, who had performed the title role many times during her dancing career.

How long is the ballet ” Coppelia ” in acts?

Coppelia is part of the repertoire of many ballet companies. It is typically presented in three acts, each act about 30 minutes in length.

Who is the principal dancer in Coppelia by Balanchine?

Principal Dancer Ashley Ellis shares the story of Coppélia . Mistaken identities, an adventure inside a toy maker’s workshop, and the inevitable happily ever after are animated by Balanchine’s brilliant choreography and Delibes’ joyful score. This lighthearted ballet is fun for audiences of all ages.