Who is the CEO of glassons?

Who is the CEO of glassons?

April Ward – CEO Glassons NZ – GLASSONS LTD | LinkedIn.

Who is glassons owned by?

James Glasson – CEO Australia – GLASSONS LTD | LinkedIn.

How old is glassons?

Glassons is proud to be a New Zealand heritage company founded in the early 1900’s, retailing in New Zealand for over 90 years and more recently in Australia, we have offices based in Auckland and Sydney.

How old do u have to be to work at glassons?

1.2. No supplier shall engage in or support the use of child labour under 16 years of age, unless the minimum age for work or mandatory schooling is higher by local law, in which case the stipulated higher age applies in that locality.

Who owns Cotton On Group?

Nigel Austin
Nigel Austin is the founder and majority owner of the Cotton On clothing and stationery group. Its brands include Cotton On, Supre, Factorie and Typo. His company has grown rapidly in the past few years, expanding to 1,450 stores in 18 countries and estimated sales of $1.5 billion in 2017.

Who owns hallensteins?

Hallenstein Brothers is part of Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited which was formed in 1985 as part of a merger between Hallensteins and Glassons – a fast fashion retailer founded in the early 1900s.

Where is Glassons clothes made?

Knowing who is making our clothes is important to us and our customers. Our supply factories are located in: China.

Who owns Glassons Australia?

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited is the holding company for the group’s subsidiaries which are engaged in the retail of women’s and men’s apparel. The company operates two brands throughout Australia and New Zealand: Glasson Limited – Involved in the retail of women’s apparel.

Is Hallensteins Australian?

Hallenstein Brothers, more commonly referred to as Hallensteins, is a New Zealand based men’s fashion, street and lifestyle retailer. The company has its roots in a department store founded in 1873 by Bendix Hallenstein.

Where are Glassons clothes made?

Knowing who is making our clothes is important to us and our customers. Our supply factories are located in: China. India.

Who is the CEO of Cotton On?

Peter Johnson (2004–)
Cotton On Group/CEO
Peter Johnson was appointed as General Manager in 2004 and CEO of the Cotton On Group in 2008. Peter began his career in the banking and IT sector before making the move to retail.

Who is the current CEO of Apple Inc?

But Jobs made Apple arguably the most successful and powerful consumer-tech company in the world because he made the iPhone. Steve Jobs made Apple what it is today and in a sudden move on Aug 25th 2011 Steve Jobs resigned his position at Apple, and the board named Tim Cook as the new CEO.

When did Tim Cook become CEO of Apple?

Tim Cook was recruited by Steve Jobs in 1998 from Compaq to lead Worldwide Operations. During his time with Apple Tim Cook was the interim CEO during Steve Jobs’s leave of absence for pancreatic cancer and again while Steve Jobs had a liver transplant.

How many Glassons stores are there in Australia?

Glassons is a women’s fashion retailer, founded in New Zealand, listed on the NZX, with a retail bricks & mortar footprint that spans across Australia and New Zealand. Sites: 33 locations across Australia Industry: Fast Fashion Retail Solutions implemented: Ticked Off Retail Managed Services

Why was Michael Spindler a good CEO for Apple?

Michael Spindler had a great reputation with Sculley, in part because Spindler seemed to pose little threat to Sculley in an era when corporate politics reigned supreme. On top of that, Spindler was a brilliant strategist, which won him attention both inside Apple and in the outside world.

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